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[Blue Book of Medical Devices] Current Situation

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Original Title: [Blue Book of Medical Devices] Current Situation and Development Trend of Orthopedic Implant Industry in China [Editor's Note] This article is excerpted from China Medical Device Industry Development Report (2021) B14, written by Xu Shufu, General Manager of Zhengtian Business Department of Beijing Natong Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Li Renyao, General Manager of Orthopaedics Department of Beijing Natong Technology Group Co., Ltd. [Abstract] The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 has caused great losses to the global medical device market, brought new opportunities and development directions, and promoted the transformation of the medical device industry from low-end to high-end. On the one hand, companies have increased their investment in technological innovation, on the other hand, the smart medical model has gained unprecedented opportunities for development in the epidemic. At the same time, in 2020, all provinces in China will carry out purchasing with quantity, change the profit structure, and then promote the adjustment of market structure and the centralization of the industry. The promulgation of a series of regulations on the supervision of medical devices and the implementation of the unique identification code (UDI) of medical devices indicate the improvement of the supervision of medical devices and the tightening of quality control in China, while the registration certificate holder system brings new opportunities for the development of medical device companies, especially new companies. In 2020, China's orthopedic medical device market reached 29.8 billion yuan, and the localization rates of trauma, spine and joint reached 72%, 54% and 47% respectively. With the maturity of domestic enterprises'technology, the localization rate will be further improved, and innovation is still the source of power for the sustainable development of orthopaedic medical device market in China. [Key words] aging; localization rate; purchasing with quantity; digital orthopaedics [Good News]: Report on the Development of China's Medical Device Industry (2021), the fifth volume of the Blue Book of Medical Devices, was created by the China Institute of Drug Administration and published by the Social Sciences Academic Press, with Wang Baoting and Geng Hongwu as the chief editors and Yu Qingming, Jiang Haihong and Li Qiang as the deputy editors. The report was published in September. (Text below) The "14th Five-Year Plan" put uries and so on. China's , based on the low degree of centralization of Chinese enterprises, under the promotion of a ser (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) and 35 imported [4]. 1. Trauma In 2020, a total of 76 registration certificates were approved by NMPA,titanium round bar, including 74 domestic ones and 2 imported ones. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the growth rate of the trauma market,in the field of orthopaedic subdivision. As joint surgery is mainly elective surgery, the number of joint surgery has been steadily increased with the improvement of epidemic control. Affected by the price reduction of purchasing in Yunnan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang,titanium exhaust tubing, the growth rate of the joint market has slowed down to a certain extent. In the domestic joint market in 2020,  were selected as the first batch of medical devices. Select 108 users and 116 production and operation enterprises including 23 orthopaedic enterprises such as Tianjin Zhengtian Medical Devices Co., titanium plate gr7 ,titanium seamless tube, Ltd., Shandong Weigao Haixing Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Beijing Aikang Yicheng Medical Devices Co and Dabo Medical Technology Co as the first batch ofGeneral Manager of Small Orthopaedics Business Department of Beijing Natong Technology Group Co.,titanium bar gr7, Ltd., graduate. [2] China Development Report 2020: Development Trends and Policies of China's Aging Population [3] Publicly available information on OECD official website [4] National Medical Products Administration public information [5] "TheOrthopaedic Industry Annual Report 2020" back to Sohu, see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.commplants,

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