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A fast method to calculate the sag of traverse!

2022-10-27 00:38   For Sale   Budta   220 views

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Original title: a quick method to calculate the sag of conductor! (Conscience Edition) Part1 Apprentice On a certain day in a certain month in a certain year, Anyway, when I was an apprentice, Go to the co seem to have found the answer! Draw the key points! In the past, when there were no computers and no Dao Heng, The sagging curve of the plane section is drawn by hand. For ease of drawing, The designer defines the K value of the sag template, Use this value to make a sag template! Universal sag template And the value of K is: Combined with the maximum sag calculation formula: At the same time, the height difference of the hanging point is ignored (cosβ = 1). In other words: The calculation of the original sag is really: The square of the span multiplied by a value! Getting closer to the truth! Part3 Plan section Why is K equal to 7? Why not equal to 3, Titanium 6Al4V wire , equal to 10, equal to 20? This is a problem! Wait! This K seems to have been seen sorawing! In short, let's divide the sag calcumary of the editor, The following rules are obtained: 1) The K value is independent of the power level. 2) The value of K has little to do with the type of conductor. 3) The icing affects the K value, and the larger the icing is, the larger the K value is. 4) The safety factor affects the K value, and the greater the safety factor, the greater the K value. In particular,ti6al4v, the K value of the steel pipe pole line is very large. Sum up 1) General line K = 7 ~ 9 General line refers to: Conventional conductor, no icing, normal setting out (safety factor 2.5 ~ 3.0) 2) Iced line K ≈ 12 3) Steel pipe pole line K ≈ about 20 Source: Power Transmission Interesting Forum Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com

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