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Adjustable Inductance quotation

2022-12-31 04:19   Vacation Rentals   Abucay   110 views

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Adjustable Inductance quotation Multi tap adjustable inductor that draws one or more taps from a coil. Multi tap Inductors are suitable for inrush Current Applications, Current Limiting Applications and AC and DC Filter Applications. Product Parameter (Specification) Multi-tap inductor for speaker crossover, EI76x25mm current 3A, multiple inductances, copper resistance 0.4惟, size 80 *54* 68mm The power amplifier or speaker frequency divider is fixed with an inductive choke coil and a red bull iron clamp. Z11 core material, EI76X25 material thickness 0.35mm, oxygen-free copper and copper enameled wire winding. For DIY friends, there are some speakers on hand but no parameters, no data and no data. Use multi-level adjustable crossover inductance when building the speaker. It is easy to find the appropriate crossover point during debugging and has a good use effect. Because the output of the power amplifier is AC current instead of DC current, there is no iron core magnetic saturation problem. The well-known British 35A speaker crossover iron core inductance coil can not be inserted into the paper. The iron core is added to increase the inductance, reduce the number of windings to reduce the copper resistance loss, reduce the power loss of the power amplifier, and reduce the damping coefficient of the amplifier to the speaker system, which is beneficial to low frequency control. The iron core inductance coil used for the 35A speaker frequency converter in the United Kingdom is reasonable, not cost saving, all for sound quality. 1-2 feet 1.07mH, 1-3 feet 2.18mH, 1-4 feet 3.2mH, 1-5 feet 4.26mH, 1-6 feet 5.61mH, 1-7 feet 6.92mH, 1-8 feet 8.2mH. The above data is measured. The current is 3A, the inductance can be customized in multiple groups, the copper resistance is 0.4 ohm, and the overall size is 80 脳 54 脳 68mm. Weighs about 1.1Kg / piece The Role Of Inductor In A Circuit Basic functions: filtering, oscillation, delay, notch and other image saying: "DC, AC resistance" Through DC: the so-called through DC is to point to the direct current circuit, the role of the inductor is equivalent to a wire, do not have any effect. Resistance AC: In the AC circuit, the inductor will have an impedance, that is, XL, the current of the whole circuit will be reduced, and there is a certain obstruction to the AC. FAQ 1. How can i get the price? We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry (Except weekend and holidays). If you are very urgent to get the price, please email us or contact us in other ways so that we can offer you a quote. 2. Can I buy samples placing orders? Yes. Please feel free to contact us. 3. What is your payment term? T/T, Western Union, ESCROW, and Paypal. This is negotiable.Adjustable Inductance quotation website:http://www.rossonix-ic.com/inductors/adjustable-inductance/

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