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Affectionate Swordsman Ruthless Sword

2022-10-20 22:49   For Sale   Santol   271 views

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Location: Santol
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Ling Ling nodded and said But now I know that there are good people in the world after all and there are indeed friends in Jianghu who value life and death and loyalty She suddenly knelt down in front of Guo Songyang's body and said Mr Guo although you died unfortunately you not only helped your friend but also made me understand the truth of being a man You you are in your grave and you should close your eyes On the ancient road outside the mountain two people were walking and the afterglow of the setting sun shone on their clothes which also Natural Products and Extracts shone with a strange golden light They walked neither fast nor slow and looked very serene Neither of them spoke or made any other movement except the movement of their feet But there seemed to be an invisible murderous look on their bodies  destination of most Jianghu people The bell has been watching him because he does not want the bell to start he wants a person to dig this grave he should do things never want anyone to interfere "Are you really going to bury Mr Kuo here" The bell asked Li Xunhuan nodded "As long as a person dies with honor it's the same no matter where he is buried isn't it" Ling Ling asked Li Xunhuan said Yes "Then you shouldn't have buried him here" said Ling Ling "If you don't bury him here where can you bury him" Asked Li Xunhuan "You should hang him again in the spring over there" said Ling Ling Li Xunhuan was silent "Characters like Shangguan Jinhong and Jing Wuming are bound to see through Mr Guo's mind sooner or later aren't they China Chemicals Suppliers " Ling Ling asked Li Xunhuan Yes "Jing Wuming naturally doesn't want you to see through his swordsmanship" said Ling Ling "So as soon as they think of it they will come back  you've long wanted to fight to the death with Xiao Li Throwing Knife but you can't go now! "Why" Asked Jing Wuming "If you go now" said Shangguan Jinhong "you will surely be defeated! Jing Wuming's hand suddenly grasped the hilt of the sword and his voice became hoarse "How do you know I will be defeated" He asked "You've killed Guo Songyang" said Shangguan Jinhong "and your Agrochemicals murderous look has diminished But Li Xunhuan is filled with grief and indignation at the moment If you fight him you'll lose three points to him in  can you have feelings now Who moved you Jing Wuming suddenly turned around and said No one globalchemmall.com

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