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Analysis of the Most Complete Stone Mining

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Original Title: Analysis of the Most Complete Stone Mining Technology and Equipment in History The most complete stone mining technology and equipment in history For your reference. This article is divided into four sections for you to sort out. The article is long, so you can collect it first. Read patiently, welcome to forward and share! [Types and Elements of Stone Mines] [Deposit development and development transportation method] [Mining process of stone deposit] [Classification of Mining Methods for Stone Mines] [Types and Elements of Stone Mines] I. Types of Stone Mines The types of stone mines include open-pit mining and underground mining. Open-pit mining is divided into hillside open-pit mining, sunken open-pit mining and well mining. Underground mining is divided into cave mining and shaft mining. 1. Open-pit mining: A stone mine in which the overburden and weathered layer on the surface of the stone ore body need to be stripped before mining. An open trench is dug from the ground and a working face is created to extract the block from the working face. According to the topographic conditions of deposit burial, the mining above the lowest level of stope surface is called hillside open-pit mining; the mining below the lowest level of stope surface is called depression open-pit mining. Open-pit mining on hillside: Basically according to the principle of top-down mining sequence. Expand the full text Hillside open-pit mine Open pit mining: Basically according to the principle of top-down mining sequence. Sunken open-pit mine Well-type mining: In fact, it is a special case of open pit mining. With the deepening of stone mining operations, many stone mines have gradually evolved from hillside open-pit type to depression open-pit type, and eventually to well mining.  Attention should be paid to the protection of resources, the protection of the environment, the comprehensive utilization and the improvement of efficiency. According to the requirements of the Technical Specification for Decorative Stone Open-pit Mines, Mining Drilling Equipment , the comprehensive recovery rate of decorative stone mines should not be less than 50%. [Classification of Mining Methods for Stoneconsumption, high cost (200 ~ 250 yuan/) and high labor intensity, so it must be combined with other mining methods. Flame cutting machine combined with hand-held rock drill,dth button bits, drilling row holes combined with splitting mining method (referred to as burning rock drilling mining method) is the traditional, longest and most widely used granite mining method. Copyright notice If it involves copyright issues, please contact us to delete it! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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