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Be good, little ancestor.

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Qin Shen Yan did not believe her, put aside the signed documents in his hand, and took another stack. Aren't we on the same wavelength? How do you know which one I like now? He looked up at her, and there was a very bad message in his eyes. At the beginning of the speech, I also read out the eyes of'believe you, I might as well believe a pig '. Really, after all, we are twins? I believe we all look at people in the same way. Well, I'll invite you to dinner tonight and introduce you to that girl. "I'm not free." "No time to eat?" "Mmm." I don't believe it. There is a restaurant on the top floor of my hotel at 7pm. Be there or be square. With that, he lay down on the sofa beside him and played with his mobile phone. Anyway, when I have nothing to do, I lie down and chat with my brother to cultivate my feelings and make up for the lack of six years. You're not leaving? Qin Shen Yan thought she had finished and left, but unexpectedly she lay down on the sofa? "We've been missing six years of affection, and we need to make up for it anyway, so I'm here to make up for the missing time with youhen Yeting has long known that the fall is Jane Xiaoluo. After hearing what she said, Shen Yeting didn't think it was feasible: "Do you really want to do this?" "Yes, goodbye is also a friend." "Do you think men and women who really love each other become friends?" "They have not loved, heavy duty racking system , but they still love." Yan Wei corrected his words at the beginning. Shen Yeting said, "Well, even if they still  see the dawn?" Yan Weichu looked up, isn't this his own brother? Remembering lying on the sofa in his office, he sat up and said, "What time is it?" Six o'clock. Yan Weichu patted himself on the chest, but fortunately it was not past seven o'clock. Why doesn't the weather grow up? It's still bright at six o'clock in summer, but now it's dark at six o'clock. omracking.comS

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