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Became a hot search after marrying top traffic

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"Don't blame me for sending a razor blade if something happens to my brother on the week's CP show." "Thank you, brother Su Yan, for helping my brother. Good people are rewarded!" Chapter 31 Time goes back to before Le Shaotian's blog. When Su Yan took a bath in the room, he saw a large piece of blue and purple on his knee, and a little skin was broken. There was no bleeding, but the skin turned up after a long time of wet blisters was a little white. When he stretched out his hand to pull Le Shaotian, he hit his knee on a stone in the river. It hurt a little, but it was not serious. It did not affect his walking. It would disappear in a week at most. Su Yan came out of the shower, wearing a white long-sleeved bottom and black casual pants, and had just dried his hair when he heard the doorbell ring. When Su Yan opened the door, it was Le Shaotian. He waved his hand and said, "Hi." Le Shaotian had an assistant behind him, who was carrying a bag of snacks. Le Shaotian put his hands together and bowed: "I came to thank you specially. I will never forget the grace of saving my life!" Su Yan hurriedly asked him to look up: "Don't mention it, it should be.". If we had switched places, you would have helped me. "Anyway, you did save me." Le Shaotian is still very clear, "I asked the assistant to bring you some snacks." Can I come in and talk to you for a minute? Although Le Shaotian is usually careless, he is not stupid where he should not be vague. If he takes his assistant to avoid the occasion of lonely men in the hotel, he will not feel embarrassed, nor will he fall into reality. Su Yan sidled out of the way and invited them into the room. After sitting on the sofa, Le Shaotian picked out the snacks and put them on the tea table: "Come on, let's talk while eating." There are many kinds of snacks. The assistant took two bottles of water and put them on the table. Su Yan looked at them and opened a bag of potato chips. How to say that we are also the friendship of life,nail manufacturing machine, in the past some words that are not easy to say can be said. Le Shao Tiandao, "I just want to remind you.". These two days, about from yesterday, the way Chunan looks at you from time to time is not right. Su Yan, with a potato chip in his mouth, asked silently with his eyes: "He really didn't feel anything wrong.". And Is Le Shaotian paying too much attention to Chunan? "I know, you must want to say that if I don't often stare at him, how can I find his problem?" Le Shaotian ate a few melon seeds and told the truth. "To tell you the truth,wire nail machine manufacturers, I had a relationship with him. I know very well what kind of urine he is, and I am very wary of him, so we looked at him a few more times when we were together. Su Yan: "Er.." Just tell me it's okay? In the past, of course, Le Shaotian would not say, now? With a wave of his hand, he said generously, "The friendship of life." Su Yan helped him, he returned the favor, specially to remind Su Yan, he also knew to let Su Yan attach importance to and believe, inevitably to make the past clear, convincing. Judging from their current relationship, it was probably not a peaceful breakup at the beginning. Do you know why I retorted to him? Le Shaotian peeled the melon seeds with his hands and kept his mouth open to tell stories. "We are the same year's students in a talent show. We met in the audition and made progress together. When we saw each other, we came together." Le Shaotian paused, poured the peeled melon seed skin into the trash can, Iron Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, clapped his hands, shook off the dust, and his tone was rarely sensational. "At that time, he should have moved his true feelings, but unfortunately for him, in the face of interests, feelings have to be on the side." Chu Nan is different from Le Shaotian. He doesn't have a particularly bright talent in some aspects. In the talent show with a lot of talents, it is particularly difficult for him to walk in all aspects. At first, they may have been young people with dreams who were willing to fight for them, but they were gradually overwhelmed by various pressures and realities. He began to become tired, and then changed the mentality, but also gradually produced other ideas. He tired and restless Le Shaotian see in the eyes, but also slowly feel that he is not right to change, really find evidence, is Chu Nan after a promotion, Le Shaotian caught the scene of cheating. Chu Nan got close to someone in exchange for promotion. I suspect that he tortured himself during the period of derailment, because he still had the last expectation in his heart, hoping that he  help the younger generation and pave the way for others, but Li is always difficult. Le Shaotian tutted twice, and suddenly his eyes swept over Su Yan. "You have a good relationship with General Manager Li." Su Yan heart alarm bell, thought his mind was discovered, calmly drank water: "Fortunately,Automatic nail machine, we are quite congenial, now is." Friend If you take the friend card, you still have to use it. 3shardware.com

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