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Cang Feng

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Liu Huaiyi stared at the girl in silence, he was thinking about the authenticity of the other side's words, but also found the other side's stubborn eyes, as if he did not Tu, today also do not want to go out. He took a breath and said softly, "I'll do it myself." The girl shook her head and instead of handing Liu Huai a bottle, she bent down and painted it. Liu Huaiyi felt a burst of heat on his cheeks and looked awkwardly at Murong Zhao, but the other side also cast a deep look, just a little pause on his face, then turned to his ankles, deep eyes turning around the girl and himself. When the girl finished painting her toes, she stood up again and took Liu Huaiyi's hand, but when she saw that the nails on his hands were already cracked and full of blood, some of them were purple, the skin in his palms was cracked, and the scarred bloody mouth was ferocious and horrible, she frowned, and her eyes drooped with a trace of heartache, Liu Huaiyi did not see it, but still cautiously pulled back his hand. "I don't need my hands," he said with an embarrassed smile. After a slight hesitation, he seemed to mutter to himself, "It hurts like this." He was probably worried about being suspected and worried about it seriously. Although Murong Zhao understood that the other party's idea was probably like this, he still selfishly hoped that the other party would feel embarrassed because he regretted such reckless behavior, or regretted that the wound might not heal, at least so that he could believe that the next time the other party would not hurt himself so arbitrarily. This time the boy ran back to the room,large inflatable water slide, took out a pair of gloves from it, put them in Liu Huaiyi's hand, and said, "These gloves are what we wear when we hunt in winter. You can use them." As soon as Liu Huai grasped it in his hand, he tilted his head slightly, nodded, and put the glove on his hand. Then the boy pulled Liu Huaiyi to the chair and said he was going to find his mother to comb Liu Huaiyi's hair. He went out with the girl. Murong Zhao looked at Liu Huaiyi from behind and said sourly, "I want to comb your hair, too." Liu Huai hung his head and said, "There is always time." His voice was very low,Inflatable water park factory, but Murong Zhao could still hear it very clearly. He chuckled and said, "I also want to make up for you." Liu Huaiyi just "Tut" this time, Murong Zhao laughed again: "I still want to change your clothes." Liu Huaiyi snorted coldly, his eyebrows beating, and roared: "You wait slowly." The woman followed the two children into the house, looked at Liu Huaiyi slightly surprised, Liu Huaiyi embarrassed to turn his head away, the woman picked up the side of the comb, while breaking up Liu Huaiyi's hair, smooth hair like black silk flapped a hand, the woman gently combed, but simply grabbed into a bunch, braided, hanging behind her, in front of a few strands of hair naturally down to her face. No Jing hairpin, no decoration, simple as Liu Huaiyi this person, in his face to draw eyebrows more thin, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, delicate face no longer need too much makeup, natural. The woman opened her mouth and looked at Liu Huaiyi, who was dressed up. Although her temperament still had the heroic spirit of a man, she could not feel the arrogance of a man in her appearance. She was not a neutral face, but unexpectedly suitable for dressing up as a woman. Liu Huai blinked, looked at himself in the mirror, slightly curled his mouth, and felt ashamed and disdainful of his appearance. The woman looked at Liu Huaiyi and saw him stand up and walk up to Murong Zhao. She said hurriedly, "My son and daughter, please take care of them in the city. If you need any help, just ask them." She could see that Liu Huaiyi and Muronng Zhao up, found some lime, and smeared it on their faces with water. For a moment, he and Moy? He wanted to be a soldier, but the officials here were not in charge, and my brother could not be too far away from us,inflatable amusement park, so he worked as a clerk in the inn in the city. Liu Huaiyi heard a "Tut" and asked, "Are you going to send this car to the altar in the city?" The boy nodded and said, "I caught all these." He pointed to the wild boar and rabbit in the car. Liu Huai looked at it and suddenly remembered the fox that helped him. He didn't know where it was now. joyshineinflatables.com

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