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Cannon Fodder Flap Butterfly Wings Go Through

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Han Siyu, who was criticized by Han Feng, was stunned at first. She didn't expect that she would treat herself with such an attitude and tone as a man who cared for herself and doted on her in her last life. Looking at Han Feng's face with some ferocious appearance, and the last generation of handsome, gentle and spoiled, is really completely different. Past and present life different appearance different contrast, in Han Siyu's mind constantly appear alternately, let Han Siyu's spirit some can not bear. It happened that Han Feng was still scolding and accusing Han Siyu, which made Han Siyu's nervous tension more and more tense. One of them was not under control, and Han Siyu, regardless of the people around him, simply broke the pot. "Han Feng!"! You have the nerve to say that I slander you! If it wasn't for you seducing my mother, how could my mother cheat on me and even give birth to me with you! How could my mother's husband divorce her? Chapter 16 Chapter 16 I. 14 The Modern World This is really a bit of a stone to stir up a thousand waves. After all, no one has ever thought that Han Feng even had a relationship with someone else's wife. Of course, this is not the most important, the most important is Han Feng's wife, originally has been calm and relaxed, she now has a little ugly face. Although Han Siyu is a girl, but whether illegitimate or illegitimate daughter, she is not welcome! An illegitimate child may threaten her son's position and interests, and an illegitimate daughter may not endanger her daughter's position and interests? Look now, her daughter is about to be engaged and married to the heir of the Qin family. They are so well-matched in terms of identity, status,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, appearance, ability and taste. However, the illegitimate daughter born by the shameless woman seduced her daughter's future husband at her daughter's engagement banquet in public. Han Siyu's action directly angered the lady. In fact, Han Siyu himself also felt very aggrieved, she now felt that all the mistakes were Han Feng's fault. Had it not been for Han Feng's refusal to admit it, her mother would not have disguised her as her mother's husband's daughter, and her mother's husband would not have found out later that he was not actually his own daughter, and would not have divorced her mother,plastic bottle making machine, and she would not be left in her own hands by that man, torturing her for so long to vent her anger, and she would not be so wronged! If Han Feng could fulfill his promise to his mother and marry her mother, she would be the legitimate daughter of the Han family, and now engaged to Ze's brother, or even the woman together, would be her! And her other brothers, she can also know them faster and better, everyone can live happily together, she will not suffer so much grievance! Not only that, if she was the legitimate daughter of the Han family, the relationship with Li Huihui's brother would not have come to this point-Hui's brother became a vegetable, or even died-originally she was able to respond to Hui's brother's love for her, Hui's brother was also able to become one of her ministers under the skirt! In Han Siyu's view, all the mistakes are Han Feng's fault! Han Siyu loudly and slightly neurotic put all the blame on Han Feng, Han Feng naturally refused to admit, water filling machine ,PET blow moulding machine, not to mention that he and his wife had said well: play outside, absolutely will not make any illegitimate children and illegitimate daughters out. If Han Siyu is really his daughter, then for Han Feng, it is no different from a slap in the face, and it will also affect the relationship between their husband and wife. For their business marriage, it dand envy him. Han Feng has long been used to it. One day when Han Feng was driving outsidnd, after one night, the next morning, no one knows anyone, no one has anything to do with anyone, as if the night did not exist,juice filling machine, nothing happened. Han Feng let nature take its course and left Han Siyu's mother behind. Had it not been for Han Siyu's mother's appetite for Han Feng, Han Feng would have been quite satisfied with the time they spent together, and now Han Feng may not have been able to think of that person. gzxilinear.com

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