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Concubine. Strategy

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At this time, Dad's gift was also said. Often a thin piece of paper. Mother doesn't even look at it. Let Tao's mother put it away. Then he kissed him tenderly on the cheek and said, "All this." Give us a brother. It had been a long time since he had been able to smell the faint fragrance of medicine full of warmth in his mother's bosom. He lowered his head.. My eyes are a little moist. Xu Sizhen came out of the clean room. "Do you know when my mother was born?" He asked the tea fragrance while rubbing the bath beans? Tea fragrance is stupefied. She only entered the mansion when yuan Niang presided over the middle feed. Has just been plucked into the yard of the great lady. yuan Niang passed away. How can I remember this? The fourth young master asked what he was doing. She laughed. Why don't I ask Mother Du? In other words, I don't know! Xu Sizhen said quickly, "Forget it." I'm just asking. Tea Fragrance breathed a sigh of relief. Back to the east wing. The powder has been served. Snow-white pink.. Reddish brown soup, let a person see the index finger move. "Is there something wrong with it?" Said Shiyiniang Xu Sizhen. Xu Si earnestly looked at the concern flowing in the eleven Niang's son, and the treasures in his mind surged like the sea, and the images hanging on the wall and the people in front of him were superimposed together. "" "What's wrong?" Eleven Niang's worried voice pulled him back from his confusion. Xu Sizhen looked at eleven Niang carefully. Mother and mother are not the same. On the image.. Mother's eyebrows are delicate, her eyes are calm, and the corners of her mouth are filled with a faint smile. There is a kind of compassion for the world. Mother also likes to smile, but her eyes are clear and bright. Appear in high spirits. Chapter 423 of the main text (I). Eleven Niang came out of the house, and it began to rain outside. Zhejiang Lili has a cool taste on the burnt leaves of bamboo shoots. "Do you still remember my mother's birthday?" Xu asked Du's mother, who had come to see if he was resting. Mother Du thought for a moment and said with a smile, "It's May 29." She couldn't make up her mind. "It should be May 27." Explained, "Mom is old and doesn't remember very well.". Why did the fourth young master suddenly ask about this today? "Nothing!" Xu Siyu lowered his eyelids,86 smart board, thick long eyelashes like a small fan, casting a crescent-shaped shadow, very lovely, "is suddenly remembered!" Du's mother hugged Xu lovingly and said, "Go to bed early!"! I have to go to school early tomorrow morning. "Well!" Xu Sizhen answered gently and lay down rustling. Du's mother helped him tuck in the corner of the quilt, told the tea on duty a few words,75 inch smart board, and then went to Mrs. Tai's place. The tea fragrance closed the door and rested on the side of the imperial concubine. The room quieted down. The water drops on the eaves were dripping regularly, and the sound was clearly audible, which made Xu unable to sleep. From time to time, the slightly obsequious smiles of the mothers in charge came to his mind. Once upon a time, these only belonged to his mother, but now, they belong to another person. He felt sick at the thought of it. Tea fragrance, "Xu Siyu couldn't sleep." What kind of person is your mother? " The people on the bed kept tossing and turning, and the tea fragrance did not dare to sleep. My mother! Cha Xiang said with a smile, "I used to be a servant in the mansion and served the wife.". However, she only achieved the third-class servant girl to match the person. She thought of her mother's cheerful appearance when she heard that she was going to work in the fourth young master's house, interactive panel board ,interactive flat panel display, and she smiled happily. "Everyone said I was promising, a hundred times better than she was at that time.". He told us to serve the fourth young master well and to be a decent man when we go out. Xu Sizhen listened to a few words and was a little absent-minded. His mother is not like this. Even if his mother sat there with a smile, she would let the mothers in charge stand with their hands down, not to mention the third-class maids. His mother will not talk to everyone, it is said by others, she looked happy to listen, she opened heed past: "4 young masters, if let too madam know, can be angry..." Xu Sizhen suddenly turned around, his eyes fixed on the fragrance of tea, and his eyes were as clear and transparent as glass. I daster, be careful at your feet." In a low voice,classroom interactive whiteboard, she and Xu Siyu turned the ear room next to the main room and went to the backyard. Perhaps it was raining in the evening, and although most of the back room where the servant girl lived was lit, there was no one in the yard. hsdsmartboard.com

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