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Damn, it's a nirvana again

2022-10-23 20:35   For Sale   Bacolod City   145 views

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"I am dizzy, as you can see, your nirvana skill only causes three million damage to the dragon, and its power is beyond doubt.". To know that it is 38 and a half final BOSS, even if injured, it is not what we can deal with. Wu yuan is still self-aware, and fighting with the dragon is absolutely no match for it. Evil king boy, dare to say this king 38, you Tamar want to die!  Why did you come out?"? Ah Followed by a pig-killing scream, without much thought, Wu yuan also guessed the tragic end of the ice dragon. The small dragon is extremely poor and fierce. Its mouth can expand infinitely. It swallows a 30-meter-long ice dragon in one mouthful,disc air diffuser, urges the heart fire, and refines the ice dragon in three seconds. Not enough, far from enough, a forbidden ice dragon is not enough for the king to fill his teeth. Only by refining the evil king boy and getting his evil king's blood, can the king return to the peak in the fastest time, or even go up to a higher level. The dragon's poor eyes were shining in all directions, and it swallowed the ice dragon. Its breath was stronger. Under the strong perception, it once again locked the trace of Wu yuan and Wu yuan, and broke through the air. Grass, the dragon is coming again, I will block it! Eternal ice! In addition to nirvana,fine bubble diffuser, the rest of the skills simply can not deal with the dragon, the eternal ice out, heaven and earth freeze, hard to freeze the flying dragon, causing 1400000 damage, into a frozen state. Wu yuan took the opportunity to gallop away from the dangerous dragon. Damn, it's a nirvana again. Is this boy the Sixth Supreme? The evil dragon is very poor, and he goes all out to urge half of the end to break the negative state and continue to hunt down Wu yuan and Wu yuan. Its heart is very shocking, the evil king boy's nirvana skill to knock off 12000000 his life value, from the damage value can be seen that his attack, should break 10 billion. The sixth supreme has the attack power of the eighth on the other shore. Damn, it's really terrible. Of course, the dragon artist is bold and fearless. He has 100% confidence to kill two people and go after them immediately. Two little dolls, you can't escape from the king's palm. Be obedient and die! "I strangle your mother, and it's a nirvana!" When the dragon catches up, it is attacked by the nirvana skill, which does not cause much damage, but hinders its pursuit. Wu yuan two people fled everywhere, such as headless flies have holes to drill, once a step too late, will be buried in the mouth of the dragon. This escape is even more terrible than the two boundaries, facing the pursuit of Ren Gui Mountain Group. The nirvana skill is used up, rapid sand filters ,rotary vacuum disc filters, the recovery skill is used up, and the dragon is still not thrown away. Its powerful strength and endurance, beyond Wu yuan's imagination, as if the two sides have an implacable enmity, never die. At this moment, Wu yuan two people can not come up with means to resist the dragon's pursuit, only by skill. Compared with the speed, it must be better than the dragon, but only the skill can be compared.   Even if it is injured, it is not Wu yuan two people can deal with, is the so-called thin dead camel is bigger than the horse. Although the two of you are talented and have the ability to cross the border to kill the enemy, the strength of the king is beyond your understanding. The dragon swallows the sky! The dragon's mouth, as always, expanded,multi disc screw press, generating a huge suction, not weaker than the power of the black hole, which sucked in the power of Wu yuan's attack. khnwatertreatment.com

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