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Death list

2022-10-24 03:20   Vacation Rentals   Bacoor   259 views

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Location: Bacoor
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See two beautiful women bulging cheeks, big eyes staring at two people, but let Qin Lun and Hill have a faint sense of guilt, as if they should not bully such a lovely and dull lady! " At the beginning, Linda was just a little curious about Seaver, so she gave the stinging trio, who had a good relationship, a hard pit. Although she helped a lot along the way, but the essence is to take the lives of friends seriously, the typical pit of death without paying for life, this little girl is not as naive and romantic as her appearance. After the stabbing trio came out of the claw of the troll, their feelings with Qin Lun were much better, while they basically stopped talking to Linda, and their deep friendship was gone. Three public and private division is very clear, Qin Lun is a solid hire them, for this is also the duty. Besides,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Qin Lun saved Winnie and Largo several times along the way. Although Linda usually gives them some well-paid tasks, this time she wants them to pay back with their lives. No matter what kind of mercenary meets this kind of person, he will not have a good impression. Linda and Laini are not stupid, apparently aware of something from Qin Lun's indifferent attitude, suddenly silent down. Qin Lun does not owe them anything, the use of Candlefort's transport array, also in accordance with the rules to pay the price, not by Linda's face. Cha Cha Cha! Just when the atmosphere was awkward, a noise came from the door of the bar. Several people looked up and saw a group of heavily armed silver guards filing in. The Silver Legion is the official legion of Silvermoon City. It is divided into two parts. One part is a heavy knight, equipped with full body armor and knight's sword, composed of human and elves. The other part is a silver guard, composed of human and dwarf. Silver knights are very powerful, Ceramic Band Heater ,7g Ozone Generator, and most of them are professional warriors. Had it not been for the accurate and incomparable information she had received, I'm afraid she would have been fooled by Qin Lun's sincere and incomparable smiling face. This The female knight has not experienced many shortcomings of worldly wisdom, which are undoubtedly exposed at this moment. Because Qin Lun did not follow the script, she subconsciously looked at Linda and Leni, her face full of the color of help. See this scene, even with Hill's calm,alumina c799, face can not help but slightly twitch, almost even the intestines are laughing cramps, at the same time to Qin Lun's shameless once again have a new understanding. global-ceramics.com

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