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Desert Wolf-Jedi Exploration _

2022-10-25 21:16   Services   San Fernando   384 views

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Location: San Fernando
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It was about 20 meters away from us, and it was made of concrete and steel bars, and it was a complex shape. It looked like a hedgehog with thorns lying on the outer wall of the dam. The steel bars were those long thorns. But the shape was definitely made by concrete casting, not by rough engineering. The whole thing was huge, like a three-story house. Compared with the whole dam, it is not as conspicuous as the protruding rocks below, but at this distance, it looks like a huge object. From here, there is a previously mentioned "access road" to get there, holding the steel bar to get there. The horse looked at the sea, climbed to the passage, and began to climb to that place. My principle is to make less trouble, so as soon as I saw him climb over, I was a little anxious. I climbed to the place where he had just stood. Why did I shout at him? He also shouted at me. His voice was erratic. He said, "That's the antenna!" I yelled at him, "You don't care what it is, now our first priority is to get out of here!"! But he seemed to have something in mind. He told me to stay still. He wanted to go and have a look. Wang Sichuan patted my feet below and asked me what was going on. My heart said, "What can I say? This little soldier is too unorganized and undisciplined." After thinking about it, I followed him devilishly. Walking sideways, the resistance of the wind was even greater,smart board for conference room, and I could hardly stand. It was not easy to see the horse trying to cross over the sea, but I only climbed half of it. Suddenly a gust of wind came and pressed me against the dam wall. I closed my eyes and dodged. Then I turned to see the horse in the sea, only to find that he was not there. I was startled, thinking that he had fallen, but in a blink of an eye, I saw him on the steel bar six or seven meters below. Obviously, he did have an accident just now. Maybe he got rid of it when the wind came. This boy was too careless. I gestured to him and asked him if he was hurt,interactive flat panel display, but he had no hands to respond to me. He struggled to pull the steel bar up with his hands and feet. His hands may have been injured and he could not use his strength. He climbed a few times and slipped down. I immediately leaned over and shouted, "Hold on, touch the side, reach over, and I found out why he fell.". This side reaches out to the steel thorn of the cement "hedgehog", the distance is very long, I can reach, but the hand has been straightened, it takes considerable arm strength and courage to hang over. I drew my hand back and adjusted my posture. It was still wrong to stretch it out again. I scolded the Japanese for cutting corners and refused to put a few more at such a little distance. Wang Sichuan followed him, and he was also exasperated. I drew back, took a deep breath, then swung hard, swung past, and immediately steadied myself, interactive boards for classrooms ,75 smart board, hanging in the air with one hand. This process is very reluctant, I was shocked out of a cold sweat, the heart said that if there was another gust of wind just now, I would definitely suffer. Hanging there, I moved my feet and stepped on another steel bar. I steadied myself and climbed down. I pulled the horse in the sea and cursed: "What are you doing climbing here?" He took my hand, took a few steps to get a firm position, and gasped: "Antenna, here is the antenna." I looked around at the steel bars, and the steel bars here are really different from those I saw when I climbed all the way. The steel bars here are thin and not rusty. I'm a little surprised that this thing is so big and has so many branches. It seems that the receiving power is quite strong. But that's not why he crawled over. I scold: "Antenna is antenna, you also need not climb over." He smiled at me and scratched his head. I thought he was embarrassed, but he turned the gun from behind, pulled the bolt, aimed it at me, and said to me: "I'm sorry, Engineer Wu, I'm going to wronged you." 49. Control room They were all soldiers, and countless times before target practice, the drillmaster would remind them that the muzzle of the gun could not be pointed at people, and they had all heard of pfety." Then he handed me the gun. I grabbed the head of the gun and saw that the magazine wb the barrel of the gun and lift him to swing over. Soon he reached a position we couldn't see. Before long, he shouted, "Yes!" Then came the sound of something knocking on the antenna. After knocking for a while, he asked us to climb down,65 inch smart board, too. I pulled it, and the other end seemed to be fixed by him, so I stuck the gun on the antenna beside me and climbed down along the gun belt and the armed belt. Wang Sichuan followed closely. hsdsmartboard.com

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