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Dragon from heaven and tiger from earth

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The "mother-son circle of the departing soul" fell back and shook out again- "the ROC spread its wings", and the right hand circle, with a strong wind, hit Cao Bing on his chin. Cao Bing shouted: "Good move!" Holding the sword in both hands, one head and one tail, he waved it into the air, and with a "choking" sound, a spark came out. Xu Ziming was overjoyed. It turned out that what he had displayed was "serial doubles". His right hand lost power and his left hand arrived again. On the two circles at the same time with the wind, both hit Cao Bing, the oncoming force is extremely fast! "Be careful, brother," Chu Qiuyang shouted. There was a loud sound of "choking"! The sparks flashed on the ground, and Xu Ziming's pair of mother-and-son circles hit the terrazzo tiles with a strong force, smashing the stone bricks and splashing them one after another. Xu Ziming's wrist was sore, and the double circle almost shook off his hand. He shivered and said to himself, "No!" At that time also did not care to look at the other side again, the foot turned, was about to jump out, but the other side Cao Bing has allowed him not to! On the solitary sword, there was a flash of cold light like a green snake, which ran like lightning and fell down with a whoosh. Xu Ziming said "Oh". His body a roll, with the right hand of the circle, to meet outward, "Chi", fend off the other side of the sword body, looks really close to home! Cao Bing Chengzhu in the chest,cold drawn tubes, this move "rolling lightsaber" is no mercy, a sword does not succeed, the second sword, the third sword, the fourth sword. One sword after another, one sword after another! Xu Ziming turned his body like a big rolling ball. He could not stand up at all under Cao Bing's rolling lightsaber: "Choke!"! Choke! Choke.. A series of weapons were handed over, and sparks were everywhere! Suddenly, Cao Bingjie opened his body like a flying bird and raised a piece of blood with the sword he raised! Xu Ziming cried in a dumb voice and staggered back! He stepped back five or six steps in a row and threw the double circles on his hands on the ground with a clanging sound. The whole person shook into one piece and said in his mouth: "You.." Suddenly he fell down, and the blood stained his clothes red. Cao Bing fell down again and looked at Chu Qiuyang with his eyes shining. "Elder brother," he said,beam impact tubes, "I've already gone to this big revenge for you. I've gone.." Say, really toward Chu Qiuyang a worship! Chu Qiuyang grabbed him and said, "Brother, what are you doing?"! Why do you say you want to go? Cao Bing looked pale and said, "I don't know. If the old man in the hall wakes up, I won't be able to leave." Xu Ziming, who had fallen to the ground, suddenly sat up and said, "Cao.." Don't go. Cao Bing smiled coldly and said, "Master Xu, it was I, Cao Bing, who killed your master and disciples. You can tell your father-in-law to go to me. It has nothing to do with my eldest brother." Xu Ziming gnashed his teeth and said, "You can't run away!"! You Only then did Chu Qiuyang understand that the reason why Cao Bing wanted to go was for his own safety, but also for his own preservation. Because the old man surnamed Su in the hall must be an extraordinary master, Xu Ziming is his grandson and son-in-law, how can he not revenge for him, but the real murderer is not there, Precision steel tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, he can not do anything to himself. At that time, my heart moved. I was afraid that Cao Bing would stop for Xu Ziming's words and give up his intention to leave. "Brother," he said hurriedly, "you can go. I'm here!" Cao Bing stepped forward and clasped Chu Qiuyang's arm. "Elder brother," he said, "after this, if I'm lucky enough not to die, I'll come and look for Elder brother." Chu Qiuyang hurriedly took out a few silver tickets from his body and said, "These are newly collected by the foolish brother. You have no money on you and it's not convenient for you to walk. Take them quickly." Cao Bing took it shaking his hand and could not help but shed tears. He had been lonely since he was a child, and no one had ever treated him like that, and he froze for a moment. Chu Qiuyang patted him and said, "Brother, go quickly. If the old monster in the living room comes, you won't be able to get away." A word woke Cao Bing. He  away, these two people alive, may not have been born! After thinking about it, he shook his head calmly. With a snort, the old man nodded and said, "That's it. I see that your martial arts are similar to those of Wudang,stainless steel tube 304, but your moves are somewhat implicit and natural. Who are you learning from? Tell me quickly!" Cao Bing smiled coldly and said, "Why do you ask so many questions? If you have any means, just use them." cbiesautomotive.com

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