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Dressed as a short-lived white moonlight, and the villain he-blue and white burning

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Sang watched from a distance for a moment, but found nothing. It seems that the death of the victim has caused too great a blow to their loved ones, and the couple have no ambition to survive. Is it their child who died? That beautiful, little doll, who will put on a crying face and will sit properly with her little hands on her knees.. Kill even the children? However It looks like there have been two funerals here. Sang slanted his head far away and saw him squinting in the distance, as if he was concentrating on something, so he did not make a sound to disturb him. She thought for a moment, manipulated Lingyunteng, and climbed into the yard next door. Sometimes, it's better to start with the neighbors when you want to get information. The couple next door are talking. The man said, "If you have nothing to do, you should go to the next room to persuade Lao Zhang's wife. I saw that she didn't want to live. I wandered around the outer river for a long time at noon today, but I didn't dare to go. I just followed behind and watched." Female say: "How do you call me to persuade this?"? It's not like you don't know my mouth. If you ask me, she should light firecrackers to celebrate now! "How do you talk?" The man slapped her in many places. The woman pinched him with her backhand: "What didn't I say right?"? Hey, you tell me, since this daughter-in-law married into the Zhang family, ah, she has been a cow and a horse, accompanying the man to support the brother-in-law who can't hold up the wall with mud. The couple are reluctant to eat and wear, save so little money,14 needle valve, and pay all the gambling debts for the brother-in-law! Finally last year gave birth to a big fat son, this old Zhang finally enlightened, not for Zhang Er that rotten person to eat, drink and play, the result is good, the year old baby, last month inexplicably can run out from home,stainless steel tube fitting, fall into the river and drown! Old Wu, didn't you say yourself that it was probably Zhang Er's rotten man who did it? The man says: "This, this also is suspicion, cannot talk nonsense without evidence! Cannot talk nonsense without evidence!" "Hum," the female sneers, "want me to say, what seeks the heart to commit murder, Zhang Er that black rotten heart, is the day opens the eye, pulls out for him! As soon as he killed his nephew, he turned around and cheated all the money his brother and sister-in-law had saved for the baby and gambled it all! You see, the baby died last month, and when did you see him not smile? "Oh, even I, hydraulic fitting supplier ,14 tube fitting, as a neighbor, feel pain in my heart when I think of that fat baby!" ", people are dead, the dead is big, don't say ah," the man way, "anyway you have to spare more time to persuade sister-in-law Zhang!" "Yes." The woman said, "It's sad that the child is gone, but he is still young and has a chance to regenerate.". Zhang Er's bloodsucker is gone, and the real life will begin in the future! Tomorrow I'll go and talk about her, and you'll persuade Lao Zhang to do the same. The couple talked for a while and then made an appointment to go to bed. Sang yuan yuan: "… …" Sure enough, the common people in ancient times had no entertainment at ordinary times, and they began their nightlife before it was dark. Youwuming tugged at her sleeve. Sang yuan was digesting the information he had just received and looked back at him blankly. The corners of his eyes twitched slightly and he winked at her. Sang yuan yuan: "??" On the edge of the alley, there was a sudden earth-shaking cry. "Monster ah ah ah!" Sang was startled from a distance and followed the sound. He saw a middle-aged man with an honest and simple appearance push away the flatcar, revealing the big and sad face plate under the flatcar. Sang yuan yuan:.. Run fast Without thinking, Youwuming had a short life, like an arrow from the bowstring, and flew out of the alley. "Uh.." Sang yuan was very embarrassed. "I'm sorry for scaring your people." "Yours,  Youwuming had strolled into the courtyard. She smiled at the woman and asked, "Is there no one living here?" The woman looked around and replied in a low voice, "Yes.". Poor thing, Mr. Mu is single,tube fitting manufacturer, and he hasn't got a wife in his thirties, and he has no relatives to send him to his death. Alas, poor good people are not rewarded! The house has been confiscated and will be put up for sale in a few days. "Does this Mr. Mu often do good deeds?" Sang yuanyuan asked. chinaroke.com

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