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Dzi Bead Change-Tang Jiasanshao

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One thing the horses are right about is that only those who were born in the Holy Land can barely recognize what the former Tianer's abilities were. Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er sat cross-legged, four palms against each other, and the whirlpool of the Great Holy Power was already indispensable to them in the process of practice. No matter how to practice, the existence of the Great Holy Power Vortex has twice the result with half the effort. Under the control of Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er, their respective heavenly powers form their own systems, while Luan Zhi in their own heavenly powers is constantly stripped under the action of the running Great Holy Power Vortex, and then annihilated in the Great Holy Power Vortex. Their own Xi holy power whirlpool is also rotating rapidly. With the support of more than two hundred drops of holy power, the rotation speed of the Xi holy power whirlpool is obviously much faster than before. Although it can not form a cycle to produce holy power, with the increase of the Xi holy force whirlpool, their own heavenly power, bones, tendons and veins, and the silvery se halo that permeates everywhere inside have also increased a little. Even Zhou Weiqing's body, which has been transformed by the transformation of dragons and tigers, can clearly feel that the holy power is transforming his body. You can rest and know how powerful the role of this holy power is. Twenty-five dead Xue cyclones in Zhou Weiqing's body run so fast that it is difficult to distinguish the frequency of their rotation by looking inside. The dragon and tiger change has already been used automatically and unconsciously, and the huge wings open out of thin air behind him, devouring all kinds of Xing energy elements in the air in a crazy way. Compared with the speed of Zhou Weiqing's side,push back racking system, Tianer's side is much more stable. With the ability of sacred belief, what Tianer is doing now is to adjust the power of pious belief to nourish itself. Compared with Zhou Weiqing, her body quality is worse. Of course, this is only in comparison with Zhou Weiqing. Dare to say that the body rest intensity is higher than the divine tea day spirit tiger, I am afraid the enemy is Zhou Weiqing this dragon tiger changed. Enlightenment appeared as early as the time when Tianer comprehended the sacred faith. She could clearly feel that she had a sacred Xing. As long as she used the power of this faith to constantly warm up and rest, then the bottleneck encountered by ordinary dzi bead masters in the future would be more than Xi for herself. Therefore,metal racking systems, compared with Zhou Weiqing, Tianer is not in a hurry to break through, although Zhou Weiqing's practice of immortality is very abnormal, he used to constantly wander on the edge of life and death. However, this immortal skill has also created Zhou Weiqing's tenacious willpower and meridian strength. Although Zhou Weiqing has only six beads, his foundation is extremely stable. When breaking through, he does not need to consider his body's endurance at all. Zhou Weiqing's immortal skill is divided into four stages. Now he has reached the end of the third stage. In all four stages, the third stage has the most dead Xue, a total of fourteen, all of which are dead Xue in the chest and abdomen. He is still short of the last two, and he will be able to complete all the breakthroughs in the third stage. Then enter the final fourth stage nine Xue. Poof a light sound, Zhou Weiqing's whole body a shock, Automated warehouse systems ,shuttle rack system, the day can also clearly feel the changes in Zhou Weiqing's body, a breakthrough.   Just a little attempt, Zhou Weiqing found that he could not do it at all. After he had the holy power,teardrop pallet racking, this was the second breakthrough of the heavenly power. At the time of the last breakthrough, he and Tianer had very little holy power of their own. This time it was more than a hundred drops, and he had a new feeling. Zhou Weiqing tried several times and figured it out. kingmoreracking.com

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