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Emperor by Otaku [End + Side Story]

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Suddenly, an invincible force hit, Jiangnan stuffy hum, the whole body skeleton was almost cracked inch by inch, even if he will five elements yuan Li into the heart can not resist, the viscera were almost shattered! Sigh! Sigh! He did not know how many axes in an instant, only to see that the dragon whale like sword ran over him, swept away, the sword, impressively more than a huge hole, he was born to split a big hole! Wow- Jiangnan vomits blood, all the bones are now covered with fine cracks by the shock of the collision, the internal organs are like countless knives inserted in general, small knives stir around! "Shentaijing is really strong, I am no match!" Jiangnan forced down the wound, behind him suddenly thousands of wings exploded, countless wings blocked the sun, with a bang smashed the air within a radius, and flew away, in the blink of an eye, he flew a hundred miles away, only to see the place he flew away,Pallet rack upright, suddenly thunder broke out! This is his speed is too fast, the body and the air friction, the burst of thunder and lightning! This speed can be called "wind and thunder"! "Younger Martial Brother Jiang, don't you want your eight-tone bell?" Jin Dongliu's eyes flashed, and suddenly with a flick of his fingers, the eight-tone bell of Tianlong rang louder and louder, turning into a huge bronze bell as high as four or five stories, crashing through the sky,Industrial pallet rack, turning and chasing to the south of the Yangtze River at a high speed! His finger contained his own power, not to return the eight-tone bell tis moment, Jiangnan actually displayed hundreds of magical powers in a row, and the magical powers were flying all over the sky. The gorgeous degree of this scene was almost no less than the first battle between the Great Demon and the Emperor Lao Zu, which was dazzling! "I don't know how many magical powers this man has learned. Can it be said that he also has god-level classics like my Dou Fa Shen Dian?" There was a flash of cold light in Jin Dongliu's eyes. Dou Fa Shen Dian could simulate most of the magical powers, and there were hundreds of magical powers in Jiangnan at this moment, which were indeed similar to his Dou Fa Shen Dian. These hundreds of magical powers erupt. Finally, Jin Dongliu's finger force was removed, long span shelving ,Cantilever Storage rack, but the speed of the eight-tone bell was still very fast. A few moments later, he came to the south of the Yangtze River. Bang- The eight-tone bell hit the back of Jiangnan, the thousand wings exploded, and the blood splashed! Jiangnan vomited blood, and almost all of his internal organs, limbs, and bones were shattered. He ba body, and the stars turned into stars from space and merged into his body. Star and moon God body magic book! He had previously fought with Jun Mengyou, and finally found out the classics of the Star and Moon Demon Sect, refined the Star and Moon God Body, and integrated it into the Demon Bell Overlord Body. The double monthly ticket is coming to an end. The pig is weak and asks everyone,Pallet rack beams, is there a monthly ticket? Chapter 182 Zen Master, you are dead. One second to remember "Marshmallow Novel www. Mianhuatang. La", to provide you with wonderful novel reading. omracking.com

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