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Emperor tyrant

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Purple Cui Ning stared at Li Qiye, for a while, she did not know how to say good, she shouldered the mission, even the town of Tianhai City disciples and even high-level do not know the mission! The black dragon gun is a token, but she did not think that the black dragon gun would turn into a fairy blood spear! "I want to report this to the elders." Finally, Zicui said in a deep voice. Li Qiye nodded lightly and said, "This is the right thing. Otherwise, you can't get that thing. But you don't need to let the people in Zhentianhai City know about it, including any veterans in Zhentianhai City now!" Zicui Ning took a deep breath and said, "Since you want to take this thing, why don't you go to Zhentianhai City with me?" She whole imperial world, and even looking at the whole nine realms, how many people dare to speak out and slaughter their town of Tianhai City! Even if the emperor Tong Xianmen, for the town of Tianhai City is also a retreat, fear extremely! Li Qiye glanced at Zi Ningcui, smiled and said, "You don't have to get excited or angry. I'm telling the truth!"! With your present way,manganese beneficiation plant, with your present strength, it is enough to look down on all the younger generations in the imperial world, and even challenge the older generation. But, in my eyes, to kill you, easy, as long as my heart, fairy blood spear can kill you. “…… The immortal blood spear is an unparalleled fierce soldier, even in the face of the immortal emperor,magnetic separator machine, why I gave you such a treasure, it is because I don't care! Just like I don't care how powerful your town is! I don't want you to have rivers of blood in Tianhai City. That's because your founder, Black Dragon King, is a great man. I don't want his disciples to be slaughtered in my hands! Thlfill my mission, but I can't guarantee when I can give you what you want." "I can wait, but don't go beyond my patience. I don't want to go to Zhentianhai City in person, and I don't want the next time I go to Zhentianhai City to set off a bloody storm." Li Qiye said calmly. Purple Cui congealed cold hum, obviously for Li Qiye such words dissatisfaction, Portable gold trommel ,gold shaking table, if other people dare to provoke the town of Tianhai City, she must teach him a good lesson! "Remember my words, had been trembling, breathed a sigh of relief. Will there be trouble in the town of Tianhai City? After seeing off Zicui Ning, Gu Tieshou saw Li Qiye and asked tentatively. He did not know what Zicui Ning and Li Qiye were talking about, nor did he know why Zicui Ning came to find Li Qiye! "Only when I find trouble with others, others find trouble with me, that is tired of living." Li Qiye said lightly. For Li Qiye such arrogant words, Gu Tieshou speechless, only wry smile, this is the town of Tianhai City, but he has been used to Li Qiye's arrogance! Li Qiye looked at Gu Tieshou,gold cil machine, shook his head gently and said, "Our ancient school of washing face is too weak, and the foundation is too thin."  ore-magnetic-mining.com

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