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End of the world of zombies upgrade system

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Guo Xiaobei's tears came down for a moment.    Guo Xiaobei's face was red, and it took him a long time to say in a small voice that he was itching. …… I can relieve the itch. Han Yang's eyes suddenly shone in the dark, and what he had learned from the leaf sulfone could finally be used. Guo Xiaobei,disc air diffuser, who did not realize that he had a language defect in his speech, did not expect that his words had already burned the desire of the devil around him. Can you relieve the itch? Guo Xiaobei asked in a low voice, with a trace of puzzlement. The itch on his body was from his heart, not a real itch. Han Yang did not answer, turned over and pressed Guo Xiaobei under his body. Guo Xiaobei was startled, his body stiffened for a moment, and then relaxed in an instant. For him,rapid sand filters, Han Yang is his lifelong lover, this kind of thing is sooner or later, he is not completely without a little feeling. Men always have some needs. But he's also a little uncertain, Han Yang. Can you really do it? Perhaps Han Yang also saw his expression in the dark, or perhaps Han Yang had long guessed that he would think so. He bent down and licked and kissed Guo Xiaobei's ear, "Be obedient, I will make you comfortable!" Without waiting for Guo Xiaobei to answer, Han Yang reached out to pull down Guo Xiaobei's underwear and threw it aside, causing Guo Xiaobei to exclaim in a low voice. Han Yang is tall and big, limbs are much longer than Guo Xiaobei, suppress each other very easily, Guo Xiaobei originally wanted to say something, but also by Han Yang a deep kiss to kiss in a daze forgot to ask. Han Yang is obsessed with Xiao Bei's delicate skin and recalls the matters needing attention explained by Ye Sulfone. In order not to make Xiao Bei feel uncomfortable, lamella tube ,Lamella Plate Settler, Han Yang ignites everywhere on his body. Guo Xiaobei began to feel absolutely strange, and Han Yang is not able to grasp the importance, but Han Yang is a studious person, in Guo Xiaobei body careful experiment, finally forced Xiaobei escape out of the uncontrollable voice. Guo Xiaobei never knew that the two points decorated on a man's chest would have such a strong feeling, and he thought it was a woman's patent. At first, Han Yang's fingers were rolling in front of his chest. He just felt itchy and wanted to laugh, but when Han Yang held that point and gently sucked it, he realized that the place was crisp and itchy, which was not good. The bad reaction is that there is a feeling below. He seemed to hear Han Yang chuckle when the little bane below him stood up straight and poked him shyly. Laughter is very simple, pure laughter from the heart. Guo Xiaobei felt that his face was burning badly, and he knew it was very hot without touching it. Han Yang lit a small candle at the head of their bed. Although it was dark, he could clearly see Han Yang's facial features after staying for a long time. Although it did not look clear in the daytime, it was particularly moving at this time. That pair of seemingly fickle, but in fact represents the firm lips gently open and close, with an indescribable look, "Xiao Bei, I love you." Guo Xiaobei did not answer, but reached out to embrace Han Yang's neck. Han Yang's tone is ordinary, as if narrating a very common thing, but the sincerity of which he can not help but not believe. He wanted to respond: I love you too. But Words to the mouth, but can not spit out. Han Yang now gives him love, is built on the basis that he is a person, if he is a zombie. If he's covered in rot.. If he loses his humanity.. Guo Xiaobei's heart sank to the bottom of the valley, but he hugged Han Yang even harder.  Han Yang's technique is really tender, but Guo Xiaobei is also the first time to be so served, how more comfortable than their own, there is nothing to criticize each other. Han Yang is not stingy, leaf sulfone taught him moves, he all one by one in Guo Xiaobei body verification. Although some places are not the same as what leaf sulfone said, sometimes Guo Xiaobei's reaction surprises him, especially in several sensitive parts of his body. Especially the waist leg flexibility of small north is very good,wall penstocks, can accomplish the requirement of Han Yang easily. After being forced to pose for shame, Guo Xiaobei began to be depressed. Being a zombie, why do you need such good flexibility. khnwatertreatment.com

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