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Face-Changing Samurai _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

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Ziggy waved his big hand and said with a smile, "Don't worry, Duke!"! No matter how much trouble the Minister of War makes for us, no one in the military is on our side! Now the order of transfer has been handled! The Wolf Tooth Army has officially broken away from the Central Cavalry Corps, and now the Wolf Tooth Army is directly under the Duke's cavalry regiment! I knew there was going to be a war in the south, so I sped all the way! This time I brought all the twenty thousand wolf tooth troops, and now they are stationed outside the city! Surprised, Roddy laughed and said, Good! But Ziggy, you're too late! This battle is probably not going to be fought. Right He caught a glimpse of Rand, who was still pulling his clothes. He suddenly remembered going home. He looked at Ziggy and said in a deep voice, "Commander Ziggy, when you came from the imperial capital, the imperial capital.." Did anything happen? Ziggy froze for a moment with a smile on his face. "Well, my subordinates were just about to say that!"! Lord Duke, the whole imperial capital is a sensation these days! But a big thing happened! "What?" The smile on Ziggy's face was a little strange: "It's the news from the palace that the emperor is going to marry a new imperial concubine,CNC machining parts, that is.." At this point, Roddy shook his head. That's not what he wanted to ask. What does it matter to him that Abbasid XI married a new queen? Even if he was going to marry that Jojo, Roddy didn't care. He really has no feelings for that Jojo, and she'd better not have a chance to bother herself after she becomes an imperial concubine! Ziggy smiled and continued slowly, ".." It's Miss Nicole of our tulip family! There was a moment of silence. "What!" Roddy screamed wildly, and then he jumped up like a cat whose tail had been trampled, and his head almost hit the roof. ` Ladies and gentlemen,die casting parts, there are some changes in yesterday's notice. The title of my new book has been slightly revised. After discussion with some book friends and the suggestion of the starting point editor, the title of the new book that has been officially decided is Supreme Scoundrel. The title seems a little vulgar, but it doesn't matter, as long as the book is good, right? Tomorrow, that is, before 12 noon on Wednesday, the new book will be uploaded at the starting point! I hope everyone will support me! How can you come out without the help of brothers and sisters these days? Right? Ha-ha Oh yes, by the way, face changing is also the official full ending tomorrow, and the final chapter will be posted for free!] Fiction ^ txt-days. Don Chapter 135 tailgating. [Dancing Ultimate Summoning Magic: To all my book friends, alloy die casting ,car radiator cap, my new book "Supreme Rogue" has been uploaded! Where are you going to show your support! Originally prepared to vote for the face-changing warrior, all transferred to my new book. Is desperately alluvial popularity ah!!] · Chapter 135 Ziggy was startled to see the Duke look frantic. The Duke's face was contorted, his eyes were angry, and he stared at himself with a ferocious look, as if he were some great enemy. The fierce killing in his eyes made Ziggy feel a chill in his heart. The Duke.. You "I what I!" Roddy growled, "What's going on?"? That bastard emperor dares to rob me. My sister! He almost blurted out the words "my woman", but fortunately, even though he changed his words, the anger in his heart did not diminish at all. As soon as this remark was  the Duke's face was normal, he was relieved to say, "Your Majesty's love for Miss Jojo is known to many people in the imperial capital.". But in the end,deep draw stamping, several old men of the royal family opposed it, and several elders of your majesty opposed your majesty's marriage to Miss Jojo. It is said that because some of Miss Jojo's usual manners are not very pleasing to the eyes of the old guys of the royal family, they think that her usual behavior is not in line with the majesty of the royal family. So what does this have to do with Nicole? How did you get involved with Nicole? Roddy stared. autoparts-dx.com

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