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Fascinated by You (Net Match, Author: Gui Yu)

2022-10-23 20:27   For Rent   Bacolod City   129 views

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Location: Bacolod City
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 When everything was ready, Mo Lan stood in the full length mirror in the living room and looked at it again, and then suddenly felt uncertain. At noon yesterday, the chilly Nanjing finally ushered in the first snow of this winter. The snow was fierce and sleepless for a day and a night. It did not stop until this morning. After the baptism of this heavy snow, the whole of Nanjing has taken on a new look, everywhere is covered with snow, a vast expanse of whiteness. And Gu Yifen stood quietly in the snow,disc air diffuser, and the whole person was even colder and cleaner. Black down jacket, white thin sweater, a simple pair of dark jeans. He stood downstairs, with his back to her, one hand carelessly in his pocket, obviously very natural and casual, but it just makes people feel that it is a landscape of its own. Mo Lan looked at Gu's back for about three or four seconds, and finally reacted that it was too late to change clothes now. The weather is so cold,Wall Penstocks, let him stand downstairs because of this kind of thing waiting for her, she will really feel guilty to death. As a result, Mo Lan began to scramble to take bags, change shoes, and prepare to go out. Just as she had one foot out of the house, in a flash of lightning, she suddenly thought of the scarf she had promised to give him. Running into the bedroom without even changing his slippers, Mo Lan carried the carefully packed bag in his hand and finally hurried downstairs. Running all the way down from the third floor, Mo Lan walked out of the corridor quickly, and as soon as he looked up, he was in the sight of Gu's fans. He looked at her, his eyes shining like a picture. Lips curved a little smile, Gu's voice seems to be very relaxed and comfortable: "Go by subway, the snow on the road is too thick, driving may be blocked." "Ah, yes." Inexplicably feeling a little shy, lamella tube ,lamella clarifer, Mo Lan walked a few steps faster with him side by side, two people walked to the subway station near the community. Unexpectedly just walked a few steps, but unexpectedly met a neighbor who lived in Mo Lan and An Xiaoluo. It was a mother-in-law in her sixties, surnamed Wang.  Even Mo Lan, who had become accustomed to his voice, could not help but feel a palpitation. Looking at Granny Wang's expression again, it was as if she had seen a ghost. She stared at Gu Ye fans for a long time, so long that Mo Lan was a little embarrassed to ask her to come to her senses. Finally, mother-in-law Wang coughed, then turned to look at Mo Lan, very seriously asked: "Xiao Lan, is your boyfriend a broadcasting host?" Mo Linjong, automatically ignoring the first half of her definition of Gu Yifen as her boyfriend, answered very honestly: "No, he is an anesthesiologist.". However The voice is really nice,Lamella Plate Settler, isn't it? Speaking of the end, Mo Lan's tone is still slightly with a little bit of pride. After all, it is a very happy thing that someone likes the voice of his own life. khnwatertreatment.com  

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