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Glacier Washing Sword Record-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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Hua Tianfeng shouted again, "Attack his lower plate, and then stab him at the Yangbai point!" You should know that Jiang Haitianxue is the best of all schools. Hua Tianfeng has already seen that his swordsmanship and palm skills are better than those of the other side, and his skill is not inferior to that of the other side. He will not suffer losses in theory, but only because of his lack of experience. So Hua Tianfeng does not need to say the name of the move, because if the change of the move, Jiang Haitian knows, Hua Tianfeng may not understand. Just teach him how to play and how to move. Jiang Haitian stepped on the Dragon Gate, went around the shock position, and the sword shook a cold light like a pair of training. A move "ride you lead phoenix", the path of the childe's eyebrows, this move is changed from the Tianshan swordsmanship, especially from this direction, the other side of the three roads have been under the light of the sword. That "Ye Gongyu" Huodi Feng nodded and crouched down. His body was suddenly shorter than a foot. He drew his sword and stabbed Jiang Haitian on the instep. This move had a name. It was called "iron ox ploughing". It was the most appropriate move to deal with in such a situation. But Jiang Haitian got the advice of Hua Tianfeng and took the hint. He feinted to attack the other side's three routes with a sword. Quickly turned to attack the other side of the lower plate, a palm split out, just split the other side of the hip plate bone, but heard a thump, that "Ye Childe" fell three feet away! The "Ye Childe" was very lucky, but when he heard how hard he had fallen, he jumped to his feet and shouted angrily, "I'll kill you first, you talkative old killer!" Like a whirlwind, he ran to Hua Wufeng's father and daughter,digital interactive whiteboard, scaring Hua Yunbi's pale face and screaming in a trembling voice. Hua Tianfeng, however, did not panic at all. "Master Ye," he said with a smile, "you should know that the mantis catches the cicada, and the yellow sparrow is behind." That "Ye Childe" in the heart one Rin, already heard behind the split air applause. Jiang Haitian had long been on guard against him having such a move, and by this time he had already followed him like a shadow. That "Ye Gongzi" backhand a palm, Jiang Haitian hated him to play hurt patients,touch screen whiteboard, this palm also exhausted, but heard a "Peng", Jiang Haitian body shook, that "Ye Gongzi" once again gave him a palm shock, on the ground in succession hit a few somersaults, ran away. Jiang Haitian couldn't help being shocked. He thought to himself, "I used the power of Osumi's palm. He got two palms from me one after another, but he wasn't hurt yet." "Godfather," said Jiang Haitian. Tired? You're scared. Thank you for your advice. "Don't say anything polite," said Hua Tianfeng. "Let's go quickly. When we get to Yunjia Village," we'll have a place to live. " Fortunately, they had reached the level ground and were able to put their feet together, but the Yunjia Village was still a hundred Li to the west of the Qilian Mountains, and Hua Yunbi, who was carrying a man on her back, did not dare to run too fast. Not long after they had walked, smart board touch screen ,digital touch screen board, it was already dark. Fortunately, there was moonlight, so they went on their way through the night in the moonlight. On the way, Hua Tianfeng had a high fever twice, and once passed out. Hua Yunbi asked him to take another small pill before he woke up. Walking to about midnight, I suddenly felt bright in front of my eyes, but I saw a piece of lake water, which was particularly glittering and translucent in the moonlight. A beautiful artificial lake was opened up in the embrace of the hills. In the distance, the mountains were undulating, the willows on the lakeside were lined up, the moon was reflected in my heart, the clouds were floating on the water surface, and behind the hills, I could see people faintly. Jiang Haitian praised: "It is indeed worthy of the three words'Shuiyun Township '." They walked across the hill and found a big house. There was a pair of stone lions in front of the door. The red lacquer door was magnificent. Jiang Haitians I can, I can only do so. Please forgive me. The implication is that they are regarded as the autumn wind. But as soon as he waved his hand,smartboard for business, a strong man immediately held a plate with a large ingot of silver on it. Hua Tianfeng opened his eyes and said angrily, "Haitian, you don't have to impose on others. Let's go!" hsdsmartboard.com

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