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He ascended by his face.

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Location: Bacolod City
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Shen Junqi followed the address to find the location. When he saw the rusty iron gate and dirty gauze of the residence, his heart suddenly became sour. Mammy. Shen Jun pulled the pull ring on the door and knocked on the door. "I'm Jun Qi. I've come to see you." The door came the sound of footsteps in a hurry, the old aunt legs and feet are not sharp, Shen Junqi thought, is the children also come to see her? The next second, Shen Junqi was shocked by a familiar female voice. Jun Qi! The iron gate was pushed open, and the people at the door were so excited that they could not bear it: "Junqi, I finally see you." The author has something to say: Before the 26th, I have been playing outside, mobile phone code words,asrs warehouse, so the update is not very stable, maybe there will be wrong words or not coherent places, wait for me to go back to modify. Resume stable updates on the 26th, updates in the past few days, please pay attention to the notice on Weibo ~ Chapter 53 meet again. Hearing this voice, Shen Junqi's face turned white and he took two steps back subconsciously. The woman at the door turned out to be his sister-in-law Jiao Qin! When Jiao Qin saw Shen Junqi,radio shuttle racking, she was so excited that she chased him two steps forward. Jun Qi, you- Jiao Qin wanted to grab Shen Junqi's hand, but felt that this was not very good. He quickly drew back his hand and turned his body to make way for him. Junqi, come in. Let's go in and talk. Only then did Shen Junqi relax a little and give a dry call to his sister-in-law. His voice was so light that Jiao Qin did not hear the greeting. But she did not care, just beckoning Shen Junqi to go in, so many years, Shen Junqi has been avoiding her, she has been used to. Shen Junqi's resistance to Jiao Qin lasted less than thirty seconds. He knew that what happened seven years ago was nothing compared to the current situation. He was the only man left in the Shen family. Jiao Qin and Feifei, a pair of orphans and widows, still needed his care. He took a breath, forced himself to compose himself, and said, "Good." Jiao Qin was surprised that her voice was normal this time, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, but she also skipped everything that had just happened in a flash of lightning. In the past few months, she had been frightened and exhausted every day, and had no time to take care of anything else. Mammy, I've brought you some presents. Shen Junqi put the gift on the wall of the living room. The old aunt was boiling water for the kitchen and preparing to make tea for him: "Chin has been here for two days. She always wants to go out to find you. I said Jinsha City is so big. Where can I find him? He will definitely come these days. I didn't expect you to come today." Don't say anything." It seems that Jiao Qin really did not know how bad the situation at home at that time, thought that the money was not much, Shen Junqi himself plugged the hole. Shen Junqi also did not say with her, just comfort her all the time, let her relax,heavy duty cantilever racks, raise Feifei well. Jiao Qin has a knot in her heart: "I don't understand why she has to jump off a building. It is said that people who do business need good psychological quality. What's wrong with them? Junqi, tell me, what's wrong with them?" The old aunt just came out of the kitchen. She was old and her ears were not good. She didn't hear what Shen Junqi and Jiao Qin said just now: "It's because I borrowed usury and couldn't pay it back!"  kingmoreracking.com

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Property Size (m²) 2
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