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He stands in the depths of time (Doctor Wen has a special liking for him)

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"My mother." When she said the three words, she suddenly choked up as promised. She carefully covered up these emotions. When she opened her mouth again, she was able to say calmly: Grandpa doesn't like my mother very much. He feels that she has not done her duty as a mother. But in fact, in my heart, I have no resentment against her, even if there are grievances, incomprehension and loss, but never really complained about her. Because I have seen her vulnerability, seen her powerlessness, and seen her efforts to save it. Maybe it's not enough to pay, maybe it's because I really have no feelings with my father, so I have to choose separation and divorce. She looked sideways, and her eyes were shining like the stars of the Milky Way. But the light was fleeting. She reached out her hand from her coat and gently grabbed the cuff of his sweater. "Feelings are a matter of two people, and love is not just about being together.". To spend time to maintain, to pay the mind to cultivate, there is no overnight can be everlasting feelings. Ying Ruyue took a deep breath, which consumed too much of her courage. She raised her eyes and locked them firmly on him. As if she had made up her mind, she gritted her teeth and said, "Yes,Vegetable oil filling machine, I like you.". It's just that this love is not enough for me to cross the gap in my heart. I'm not sure that I can take care of your feelings when I'm exhausted and stick to this relationship. My heart is so fragile that a little setback can easily break this rose. Her eyes, so clearly told him-Wen Jingran, I am afraid. It was a shadow buried in her heart from childhood, which she could not expel and was constantly coerced. There are many times when Ying Ruyue even feels that she can't fall in love with someone wholeheartedly in her life. Wen Jingran held her hand holding her cuff without saying a word. Her fingers were slender, and he held them in the palm of his hand and gently rubbed them, and his drooping eyelashes cast a thick shadow under his eyelids, like a skylight,CSD filling line, like a night sky too thick to melt ink, deep and deep. He sighed helplessly and asked in frustration, "So what you did to me the day you graduated from high school doesn't count?" As promised, his mind suddenly exploded with a "boom". —— On the day of graduation from high school, it seemed that everyone had grown up overnight. When I fought side by side in the third year of senior high school, I worked tirelessly day and night to do the papers, and there was no extra time to think about the future. But when all the efforts have been verified and all the waiting has been settled, I suddenly realized that from now on, everyone will go their separate ways, and when we say goodbye, we don't know what night it is. That night was like a prelude to a new world, and everyone toasted themselves. The sadness that hung over everyone's head was as thick as the mist that filled the whole city in the winter morning, blocking the sun and not seeing the dawn. Eighteen is an age that people are looking forward to. Adult, independent. As promised, liquid bottle filling machine ,PET blowing machine, their way of celebrating is to break all the things that once could not be done on campus. They organized a group to go to the Internet bar to surf the Internet, and a group of boys who were as tall as bamboo shoots made unbridled jokes in the Internet bar. They went to the hotel to open a box, ordered a few cases of beer and celebrated with each other. Night falls, but the carnival is more than that. From the hotel to the KTV, boxes of beer were delivered to the private rooms, and everyone seemed to have no scruples on this day. Or vent frustration and loneliness, or celebrate the fulfillment of wishes, or melancholy and frustration, thousands of gestures. As promised, it is the first time to be so indulgent. With a good family education antrong. She shivered severely. When her brain was still blank, she stood up subconsciously and went to the side of the deputy monitor. She forgot all about the first aid methods taught to her by the old man,Edible oil filling machine, the basic judgment of the illness and the way to deal with it, and could not remember anything. She crouched in front of the deputy squad leader, panicked so that her hands and feet were cold. It took her a long time to come to her senses and shouted: "Call 120 for first aid." gzxilinear.com

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