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Hound of the Baskervilles Conan Doyle

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"Not only the geographical conditions of the county, but also the local people are extraordinary." 'Look At our friend here, 'said Dr Mortimer.' His round head is of the Celtic type, and it is full of the strong feelings of the Celts. The head of poor Sir Charles was of a very rare type. He was half Gaelic and half Ivor. You were very young when you saw Baskerville Hall, weren't you? I was a teenager when my father died, and he lived in a small house on the south side of the sea, so I never saw the manor. After my father died, I went straight to a friend in America. I assure you I am as new to the Hall as Dr Watson, and I am very anxious to see the moor. "Is it?"? In that case, your wish will come true easily, for you will soon see the moor. As he spoke, Dr Mortimer pointed out of the window. On the other side of the fields, cut into innumerable green squares, and the woods, which were joined at the top in a low curve, a grey and gloomy hill rose in the distance, with strange and jagged gaps at the top of the hill,beam impact tubes, which looked dark and dim from a distance like a dream scene. Baskerville sat still for a long time, his eyes fixed on it. I could see from his eager face how much this place meant to him, seeing for the first time the strange place that had been in the possession of the same people for so long, and where there were deep memories of them everywhere. He was dressed in Scotch, and spoke with an American accent, and sat in the corner of a common railroad car, but every time I saw his dark,stainless steel 304 pipes, expressive face, I felt more and more that he was really the scion of that noble, passionate family, and had the manners of a master of the family. There was pride, heroism, and strength in his thick eyebrows, nervous nostrils, and large chestnut eyes. He was at least a reliable Comrade who would take up the responsibility bravely, if any difficulty or danger did arise in the terrible moor. The train stopped at a small station by the side of the road and we all got off. Outside the low white railing, a four-wheeled carriage drawn by two short-legged ponies was waiting. Our arrival was obviously a great event, and the stationmaster and the porter surrounded us and led us to carry our luggage. It was a quiet, lovely, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,side impact door beams, homely place, but I was surprised to see two soldier-like men in black uniforms standing there at the exit. Their bodies were leaning on their short rifles, and their  sir,aluminium coated tubes, but the possibility of getting five pounds seems so pitiful compared with the possibility of having one's throat cut. This is no ordinary criminal, you know. He is an unscrupulous man. "Then who is he?" "His name is Seldan, the man who killed at Mount Nautin." cbiesautomotive.com

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