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Hound of the Baskervilles Conan Doyle

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I remember the case very clearly. His crime was extremely cruel, and the whole process of assassination was full of extreme atrocities, so the case attracted Holmes'interest.  Ahead on the russet and olive slopes, the road became increasingly barren and bleak, strewn with boulders. Now and then we passed a small house in the moor, with walls and roof of stone,rapid sand filters, and no vines on the walls to hide its rough outline. We looked down and suddenly saw a bowl-like depression, where there were small, ill-developed oak and fir trees, bent by the wind with age. At the top of the wood, two thin, tall spires protruded. The coachman pointed with his whip. 'This is Baskerville Hall.' The owner of the manor stood up, his cheeks flushed,multi disc screw press, his eyes shining, and in a few minutes we were at the door of the apartment. The gate was made of iron bars that were dense and twisted in a wonderful pattern, and on each side there was a weather-worn pillar, dirty with moss, with a Baskerville boar's head carved in stone on the top of it. The gatehouse was a heap of crumbled black granite and bare rafters were exposed. Opposite it, however, was a new building, barely half finished, which Sir Charles had built for the first time with gold earned in South Africa. As soon as I entered the gate, I walked up the path. Then the wheels were silent over the dead leaves, and the branches of the old trees formed a dark arch over our heads. Baskerville shuddered when he crossed the long, dark drive and saw a house shining like a ghost at the end. Is this where it happened? He asked in a low voice. No, it's not. The yew lines the path over there. The young heir looked gloomily about him. In a place like this, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,MBR reactor, it's no wonder my uncle always feels that disaster is coming, "he said." It's enough to make anyone afraid. I have decided to install a line of a thousand light Swan and Edison bulbs in front of the hall within six months, and then you will never recognize this place again. The road led to a wide meadow, and the house was in front of us. In the dim light, I could see a solid building in the middle, with a corridor protruding in front. The front of the house was covered with ivy, which was cut off only at the windows and where the coat of arms was placed, like a patch on the tear of a black mask. At the top of the central building was a pair of ancient turrets, with gun holes and many lookout holes. On the left and right sides of the tower, there is a newer wing made of black granite. A dim light shone through the solid windows of the casement, and a black column of smoke rose from the high chimney on the steep, sloping roof. Welcome, Sir Henry! Welcome to Baskerville Hall! A tall man came out of the shadows of the corridor and opened the carriage door.  This is the hall where my family has lived for five hundred years, and it makes me feel heavy to think about it. As he looked around me, I could see the passion of a child kindling in his dark face. Although the light shone where he stood, the long projection on the wall and the dark ceiling seemed to open a canopy over his head. Barrymore brought the luggage into our living room and came back. He stands before us with the attitude of obedience characteristic of a well-trained servant. He was a man of extraordinary appearance, tall, handsome, with a square-cut black beard,Mechanical fine screen, and a fair, distinguished face. Would you like to have dinner at once, sir? "Are you ready?" khnwatertreatment.com

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