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How to make bridge expansion joints?

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Originally published as How to make bridge expansion joints? These on-site construction workers are already worried about losing their hair! In order to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation, expansion joints are usually set between two beam ends, between beam ends and abutments, or at the hinge position of the bridge. The expansion joint is required to be able to expand and contract freely, firmly and reliably in two directions parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the bridge. The vehicle shall run smoothly without sudden jump and noise. It shall be able to prevent the infiltration and blockage of rainwater, garbage and soil. The installation, inspection, maintension and compression of rubber strips and rubber belts. The telescopic body can be in a compression state or a tension state. This is a kind of expansion device which is widely used in the construction of highway bridges in China at present. The common types are W, SW,bespoken tape measure, M, PG and so on. This type of expansion device is suitable for bridge structures with expansion amount less than 80mm, that is,absorb the telescopic displacement of the beam, and the steel plate is embedded in the rubber body to span the gap between the beam ends and bear the wheel load. This kind of device was used earlier in China, and there are many manufacturers in the country with different names,bra tape measure, mainly used in the 1980s and 1990s. The rubber plate type expansion device has the advantages of simple inherent properties of concrete components, and also a random phenomenon. Concrete's mix proportion, water-cement ratio, slump, retractable tape measure sewing ,printed tape measure, cement variety, temperature, relative humidity, concrete's loading age, load holding time and strength have great influence  shall also be blocked by polyethylene foam board to prevent mortar leakage. Top flatness control Copyright statement: The source of this WeChat content is Zhulong Forum. Copyright belongs to the original author, if it involves copyright issues,custom tape measure, please contact us, we will be the first time to negotiate copyright issues or delete the content! This article is the original author's personal opinion, which does not mean that this public number agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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