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Huanzhu Landlord _ Wolong Gorge Wind and Cloud

2022-10-25 21:22   Services   San Fernando   223 views

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"If a man is not too great, how can he forget his love? I was already moved when I heard this, but then I heard that one day I had passed out and fainted. After she passed the breath, she poured the soup specially made by a famous doctor, and then I was saved. I became more and more enlightened." Following the old man Lu, a famous doctor, he also said that I had no physiology for this disease, and that although I had a deadly medicine, he had come too late. "Brother Zhu begged him to treat a dead horse as a living one." In the end, Qi was too weak. After taking the medicine to clear away the evil for the first time, the thief went to the city and died. It was difficult to recover. Such as the use of the second tonic, the evil poison together with the supplement, at most three months to protect the life of the disease, sooner or later poison, is incurable. A young girl who has practiced internal skills must do her best to rescue her, and he must also instruct her to mix her own pure yin and true qi evenly. After taking the medicine, the patient will have diarrhea and will not avoid filth, so she will pour the medicine into her mouth according to the law, and then there will be one or two points of hope. Zhu Mei was willing to let it go, so she could bring the dead back to life and so on. To receive such deep kindness, knowing the other side's intention, how to be ungrateful? If you get a wife like this, you can have no hatred. For example, if you die of illness and death in the wild, what should you do? "Extremely grateful, the next day the Zhu brothers signaled and immediately promised." I was very weak, and I needed someone to take care of me. She was beautiful, but when she saw me recover from my illness, she felt at ease, and her face gradually recovered. They were in bed together, and their love grew. "Time passed easily, and after a flash of more than three months, I began to recover and get out of bed. This illness had forgotten the past." The person is good for three days, is planning to go home, ready to meet, suddenly heard people say, Dongting Lake burst, the Xiangjiang River out of the Jiao flood, suddenly remembered the past, already two days beyond the limit. I first suspected that I had an adventure, but I missed it. When I got home, I took out the note and looked at it. Only then did I know the whole story. Www.txtbbs.com TXT BBS to search for excellent novels, welcome to TXT BBS to recommend all kinds of wonderful novels. Uncle Jia asked someone to bring a letter. "Uncle Jia wanted to lead me to the entrance, but he was afraid that the religious leader would not allow him to do so. He happened to be on his way home five years ago. He overheard someone say that in the past, the sorcerer of the Zhushan Sect, in order to steal the treasure of Yuwang Zhenhu Lake under Junshan Mountain, had found an evil Jiao from overseas. He wanted to use it to attack the place where the treasures were hidden in the eyes of the lake from the bottom of the water. He was caught by the sword. But this poison Jiao was female, and before it was killed, it scurried into the depths of another spring at the mouth of the lake and laid two eggs that it had been pregnant for many years. At that time, no one noticed that an old-timer passed by and found that the color of the water was different, so he began to calculate it. It could have been removed at that time, but it was not like the last catastrophe. It was a fixed number, but it had been informed by my uncle, and the immortals of Qingcheng and Wudang used manpower to eliminate the catastrophe. This Jiao is still the last aftermath, it is difficult to completely reverse the fixed number, to make a little point, things in five years later and so on. Uncle Jia asked about the details and wanted me to build this merit. Like him, he still believed that man could conquer nature and saved the disaster. Knowing that in the fifth year, it was the regular meeting of Xianfu Tongmen returning to the mountain to make alchemy, I couldn't come here to help secretly. Fortunately, the climate of Poison Jiao was still shallow, and there were no evil spirits. It was different from the last time. The time and place had been calculated accurately, and there was no mistake. For this reason, facial recognization camera , I specially refined a magic amulet and three pills of God thunder, and borrowed a jade amulet from my fellow apprentice to ocity of the monster, and I would have asked another friend to help me secretly, which would h talking to you much. Finally, I still know the superiority and inferiority of the old and the young, so I'll talk to you inside.' "When I heard this, the more I expected it to be him, the more I didn't know it on the surface. I went in respectfully and prepared wine to receive him.". He was not polite, and he got drunk that day. hsdtouch.com

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