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I love Bill

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Their strange gestures attracted people's attention. The luggage was unloaded, and everyone carried their own luggage and walked into the courtyard, which was located in the open farmland. The sun shone quietly after noon, and there was no one in the yard except them, the newcomers. Above the courtyard wall is the dark mountain shadow, because the weather is clear, the edge is clear, even the lingering white fog is clearly visible. A San and the other two women belong to the same squadron, including the one who asked her for help. A San's head was covered with a straw hat,pallet rack shelving, which was pressed very low. The shadow of the brim of the hat completely covered her face. The squadron leader walking in front was a tall and thin man, wearing a police uniform, no hat, and a bunch of ponytails hanging on her back without trimming.   As soon as she saw the squadron leader, she stood up. The squadron leader asked Ah San to settle down on some empty beds and have lunch first. Considering that they had been in the car for several hours, they took care of the rest until two o'clock, and then went to work in the workshop. As he spoke, the girl at the door of the room had called three thermos bottles of hot water and three boxes of food for them. San looked at her watch. It was already past one o'clock. She spread out the bedding and sat down on the edge of the bed without touching the rice in the iron box. The two were already familiar with the old one and asked her why she did not go to the workshop. The answer was "Minguan", which was responsible for managing the life of the reeducation-through-labor workers. They began to eat, and the iron spoon stirred the lunch box. As they ate, one of them began to cry, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, saying how sad her parents would be if they knew she was eating this. The old one advised her that the lawsuit was like this.  Her voice was a little hoarse and she almost shed tears. A San frowned and stood up to go in. The woman writer said, "It's not easy for me to come here. It's good for you.". I have to walk in a few minutes. "Do you know why I don't want my family to come?"? I just don't want to see them cry. Now, you cry for them. The woman writer gritted her teeth and said, Ah San, your heart is really hard! Then he stood up and left. Now, a San's new life is to nail the logo on the back collar of the sweater. Trademarks should be nailed with two kinds of thread, the outward side is the wool thread of the split, the inward side is the silk thread,industrial racking systems, both sides can not be wrinkled. Many people could not do this work, and a large number of them needed to be reworked, but Ah San immediately mastered it. kingmoreracking.com

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