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I'll take the blame! By Three Thousand Big Dreams Narrate My Life

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Rubbing his hair gently, Liang Xuanyi hugged him back into his arms, took a deep breath and spoke softly. "Let's go to court first, win the lawsuit, and then go to win the championship, OK?" The eyes seemed to light up a little, eyes turned to him, raised his hand to pull his hand, Liang Xuanyi has firmly held that hand. Gong Zhengyu's hand was wet and cold. When he met his warm and dry palm, he clenched it tightly and was about to shrink back. But Liang Xuanyi clenched it more firmly. His voice was so soft that it seemed to coax him: "Tell the driver to stay here. Let's go to the hospital and get some medicine, OK?" As if he had guessed what he was thinking, his eyes suddenly showed some resistance, his lips tightened and his head turned slightly, instinctively trying to break away from his embrace, but as if he was reluctant to give up the last bit of warmth. I know that you have always been strong, stronger than anyone else. Liang Xuanyi opened his mouth slowly, raised his hand to push aside the broken hair in front of his forehead, and gave him a kiss on his forehead: "Now you can not be so strong, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you close your eyes, it's okay if you cry out.." His voice was soft and deep, as if the hard shell outside his heart had cracked a little, and there was a warm glimmer of light coming through. The body in his arms tightened, and gradually relaxed under his comfort, against his shoulders, the heat and humidity spread silently. Time passed quickly, until the day of court appearance, Shen Fei still did not come back. Watching the eyes of the people around him gradually dim, Liang Xuanyi gathered his hand and kissed him on his forehead: "Maybe you can see him in court. Don't worry,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, it will be all right." He hoped that Gong Zhengyu could see the child, but he was afraid that the child would appear. Even if the odds are good enough now, Shen Fei's attitude is still crucial. Gong Zhengyu's mood has been unstable in the past, this time to see a doctor again, although in the medication adjustment, but still can not withstand any stimulation. You can't hide, but once you go, you will face a more uncontrollable situation. Liang Xuanyi was entangled in his heart and held the man's hand more tightly. With the control of drugs, Gong Zhengyu's emotional state was better. He held his hand back and smiled shallowly: "I believe him." Liang Xuanyi nodded gently to meet the light that was not easy to light up again in his eyes, and put aside the complicated thoughts in his heart, trying to make his look relaxed. All the way to the court, Liang Xuanyi's heartbeat became more and more intense. Gong Zhengyu is the defendant and will be brought to the dock by the bailiff. Liang Xuanyi loosened his hand and looked at the still warm and quiet black eyes with concern. Gong Zhengyu smiled shallowly at him, turned around, and followed by the bailiff to the dock. Out of the door, his eyes fell on the witness stand of the plaintiff, Nail production machine ,iron nail machine, and sure enough, he saw the figure of the boy. I haven't seen him for a few days, but the boy in the hospital, who had managed to get a little stronger, was tortured to lose weight, and his clothes were not clean. He lowered his head with a heavy heart and stared at his toes. This case is no suspense, two people came to reverse the verdict, even if the boy did perjury, will also be overturned by irrefutable evidence, such a small child, do not know how much irreparable impact on the future life. Su Shi sighed lightly in his heart and then looked away, but Shen Fei seemed to raise his head, just in time to bump into his eyes. The next moment, the thin little boy suddenly burst out with amazing strength, and before the adults beside him could react, he deftly jumped out with one hand holding the witness seat and strode in front of Gong Zhengyu. Suddenly there was an unexpected emergency, the bailiffs hurriedly came to maintain order, but Shen Fei blushed, pushed the two bailiffs behind Gong Zhengyu away, and opened his arms to stop him behind him. The boy was already trembling with fear, but he was still firmly protecting Gong Zhengyu, and his voice was faintly sharp because of excessive tension. "You come, you kill me, I am not afraid!"! Even if you  taught me to fold it.." I studied for three days! Unable to stop the warm radian, Su Shi raised his head to look at him and took the boy's thin body into his arms: "Thank you,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, very beautiful, I like it very much." I'm going to be taken back to my parents. Don't worry. I remember what you said. If they hit me again, I'll run away. I want to live well and earn money in the future to buy you the best piano! 3shardware.com

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