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I'm hard to coax.

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Location: Bacoor
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He took out a small medical kit from a nearby drawer and disinfected her very gently with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. "I really couldn't bear to see her cry, so I designed and made a small cloak for her.". It was the first time I realized that a dress I wanted could make her happy for a long time. Wen Tianyu coldly looked at the wound paste on his fingertips in a trance. His fingertips seemed to still have his residual warmth. She is stupefied, raise one's head to ask: "Fan Sheng elder brother, you this." Is it a confession? Ye Fansheng looked down at the light that flashed again in her big eyes, and the light in her eyes was gentle for a moment: "It doesn't count." Wen Tianyu's little face suddenly collapsed: "You, what you said is clearly..." Ye Fansheng looked at the girl's face eager and shy crimson, suddenly a corner of the lips, some sorry: "I did not prepare flowers and gifts this time." His little girl is so hard to coax that she must not be too hasty in expressing her love. Wen Tianyu is stupefied, red dizzy whole cheek, she looks away slightly, the voice is too small to hear: "Actually need not..." Suddenly, as if remembering something again, she lowered her head and turned it over for a long time, took out her cell phone and pressed it in a hurry. Ye Fansheng was wondering about her sudden move when Wen Tianyu raised his cell phone to his mouth: "Say it again,medium duty racking, I want to record it!" Ye Fusheng was stupefied for a moment. Suddenly she laughed. Her voice was low and heavy. She raised her hand and rubbed her hair: "No need to record. I'm here. I can say it several times." Wen Tianyu blinked his eyes and asked softly, "Brother Fan Sheng, is the Yaya you like really me?" Ye Fusheng smiled, "Yes." "Do you like me when I grow up?" "Mmm." "Do you want to be with me?" "Mmm." So, when my game is over,metal racking systems, will you come to express your love? I'm a very easy person to coax. I can have any flowers or gifts. She blushed. "Come as soon as the game is over. In that case, I will be very motivated when I play.". Why don't you write me a note saying, 'I'll come after you after the game.' I'll hang it in front of my head to take part in the game, and I can see it as soon as I look up. Ye Fansheng was amused by her, but his palms were slightly sweaty because of his excitement. His thin lips opened lightly and his voice was very serious: "Good." Wen Tianyu looked up and laughed with him. Brother Fan Sheng. "Hm?" She raised her cell phone in front of her: "I really recorded it." Ye Fansheng: "… …" —— The next morning, Wen Tianyu arrived at the competition venue ahead of schedule. Nearly three hundred people sat in the candidate area and waited. The judges sat down on the stage. Wen Tianyu saw Teacher Jiang sitting on the stage. The moment she looked at her eyes, she staggered without any expression. To avoid suspicion. Wen Tianyu took a deep breath. Her mentor was really serious and strict about the competition. After the host read out the rules of the competition, the judges announced that the theme of the preliminary contest was "night". There was an uproar at the bottom. Wen Tianyu frowned. The host stressed order and asked everyone to keep quiet. The air was quiet for a moment, and before the "official start of the game" was finished, a girl in the crowd suddenly shouted loudly: "Wait a minute." As soon as the host's voice paused, heavy duty metal racking ,industrial racking systems, everyone looked along the source and saw a girl in a light blue skirt in the middle stand up, walk to the stage with a smile on her lips, and take the microphone from the host. Her eyes wandered around below, and when she saw Wen Tianyu, the smile on her lips widened: "Judges, students, just said in the rules that we should seriously safeguard the fairness of the competition." She raised her hand and raised the photo in her hand. "But how can we maintain this fairness?"?  The girl beside her looked at her in surprise. Wen Tianyu looked calm and went straight past her to the judges' table: "Please show me the picture." The male teacher looked around hesitantly and handed the photo to her. Wen Tianyu looked down,automated warehouse systems, bent his lips and smiled. She walked over to the alert girl and took the microphone from her hand. It's so ugly. Wen Tianyu muttered in a low voice, and then she held the photo up to the audience and asked, "What else can I see in this photo besides knowing and having a good relationship with my brother?"  kingmoreracking.com

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