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Immortals of rebirth also love their youth

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"Whoo.". OPPA, I didn't mean it, you must not have anything to do. "Anxious Xiuyan immediately hugged the" fainted "Jin Zheming, without noticing that Jin Zheming's head was rubbing back and forth on his already plump hillside. Jin Zheming enjoyed the softness of his head and face, unable to control the expression of his face, which blossomed on his face, but the anxious girls did not notice, and were somewhat at a loss. Jin Zheming has some feelings, some happy girls are so sincere to him, but also some headache, for the girls so stupid behavior, Jin Zheming some, ah do not know how to say, in the end is it lucky or sad? No way, girls do this to themselves, until now have not found themselves can prove that they are how to themselves, do everything to have a degree, then let me wake up. Jin Zheming, who was preparing to start acting, suddenly felt a relief between his head and the ground. Fortunately, the ground was covered with a blanket, otherwise the sudden change of Jin Zheming, who was unprepared, disrupted Jin Zheming's layout. What's going on? What's going on? "Ah, Jin Zheming,Pietra Gray Marble, you get up. Don't pretend. I've seen it all. It's true. My tears are still very valuable." As a litigant, Xiuyan, at the beginning, was frightened by Jin Zheming's sudden fainting. He forgot all kinds of abilities of Jin Zheming and how he abused him before. So it is as if the same other people are very anxious, such a reaction is how fully proved the status of Jin Zheming in her heart ah. But although the authorities are confused, but how silly can not feel that strange, do not know how Xiuyan in Jin Zheming's head touched his precious place is something wrong, if Jin Zheming really dizzy, should not have this feeling ah,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Xiuyan at this time is to feel that Jin Zheming is deliberately taking advantage of himself, it is a strange feeling. There's something wrong all over. Like a bolt from the blue, suddenly anxious heart is not so anxious, become more calm than anyone else, with this emotion Xiuyan in Jin Zheming's body and face, finally fixed on Jin Zheming's smiling face,, Xiuyan confirmed his idea, originally so regretful and sad Xiuyan, was suddenly so news, the reaction is not angry, but happy, because Jin Zheming was not injured because of himself, because Jin Zheming was not hurt, fortunately, fortunately, At this time, Xiuyan did not care about the advantage that was taken, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, nor did he care that Jin Zheming was acting. What he wanted to know was that Jin Zheming was all right. With hope, Xiuyan came to the above one, hoping that the result would be as he thought. "Ho ho (I don't know how to write the sound of snoring. That's it for tat, come over a few people to bring the meal." Coincidence infinite in progress, the voice of the gould not know that his acting skills were only exposed because of the mysterious woman's sixth sense, otherwise Jin Zheming might feel better. ———————————————— Support brother,Marble Projects, Ask about it, la. [Text Chapter 76 Leaky Shooting?!] () Life has returned to calm. Jin Zheming and the girls also came to the place where the poster was to be shot today. The place where the poster was shot today was an indoor scene. Kim Min-jung was relieved at this point. The photographer who shot the poster was the same one as yesterday, so the photography team was the same. forustone.com

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