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Infinite Survival Copy [Doomsday Game]

2022-10-25 21:33   Services   San Jose del Monte   306 views

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"Aliens?"? Are there really aliens in this world? Even Professor Wang was attracted and wanted to ask questions carefully, when he saw the car stop and the driver said that the nuclear base had arrived. Professor Wang:! That was definitely not what she asked! She got out of the car quickly as if she was running away. After she got out of the car, she was all silly. It was an almost destroyed area, full of scars, and she could not see the glorious appearance at all. She was stunned to stay where she was, thinking about where the part she was responsible for would be impacted, and did not notice that the Lily of the valley also came down. Lily of the valley, who did not receive the sound of the system, temporarily decided that the area was safe, but her keen intuition about the crisis had a bad meaning. Driver, "The radiation place is not allowed to stay long, the leader explained that you only have half an hour of activity time at most." It is extremely difficult to find clues at the base of the nuclear explosion. Professor Wang began to search persistently and told them to search together. This makes the driver very reluctant. The driver approached the Lily of the valley and complained in a low voice. Lily of the valley handed him two pairs of rubber gloves and asked him to pass one to the professor. The driver was immediately happy when he got the rubber gloves, touching the'foreign goods', and his face was full of love. They searched for more than ten minutes, but did not find anything, but saw a few dusty children lying on the ground looking for food. But at this time, the system similar devil's urging sound resounds in the ear, "Ding,x70 line pipe, the second nuclear explosion crisis has been triggered, will explode in 30 minutes.". Players, please prepare. Lily of the valley:! Lily of the valley, who heard the sound, immediately grabbed the man and threw him into the car. The driver and Professor Wang were thrown into the car with a confused face. Their internal organs were almost displaced. When they wanted to question, they saw the car drifting suddenly and almost threw them out of the window. Where is the nearest shelter? Her voice was so loud that they were frightened. I said where is the safest place to take refuge? The second question woke up the driver. The driver trembled and pointed to a place. Professor Wang's frightened face was pale again. The explosion had already made the people near the base miserable, but it had to come for the second time! "Really?"? Is there really a second explosion? Lily of the valley did not answer,uns c68700, but her movements showed that it was so. The driver is a little confused, he is alert to hear the meaning of the words, anxious way, "then I want to tell my wife, let her hide quickly." Where is your wife? How far from here? "Forty minutes' drive." Bah! He's so stupid. Isn't that a lost opportunity thing, threw her a loud male, let her grope for debugging. The driver clutched the handlebars nervously and read the names of his family. He recalled the past in the bumpy traffic. The first time the nuclear explosion happened, they were lucky. The whole family went to the provincial capital to play. When he woke up, he heard that the nuclear base had exploded and his family was gone. This time, he took advantage of his official business to bring his wife and prepare to pack up some things to take away. I didn't expect to experience another nuclear explosion. Are nuclear explosions so frequent? The driver didn't understand, x56 line pipe ,uns c70600, but he didn't dare to ask the professor beside him in the bumpy escape. The matter has come to this point, and saving one's life in time is the king's way. Who cares if it shows up. He looked nervously at the Lily of the valley, his heart beating wildly. Actually, he lied to them! Their homes have long been destroyed by nuclear explosions, there is no basement and food ah! He just wainted. She took out the jeep again, stuffed the people in, and drove to the station. The driver was already dizzy, and it was impossible for him to point the way to his place. Fortunately, the direction he pointed to was also the direction of the station. She raced all the way, and with ten minutes left,uns s32760 plate, she drove up to the conductor with a shocked face. Do you know where there is a basement? After several surprise attacks by Lily of the Valley, the conductor's psychological quality improved rapidly and nodded calmly. In 8 minutes and 25 seconds, the second nuclear explosion is coming. Do you know what to do? lksteelpipe.com

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