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Jiao Xiang

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Green duckweed saw is Su Yunjun, only feel cold behind, as if looking at her is not always gentle and elegant Xiangjun, but the devil out of hell. Also do not care to think much, just dead bite: "Yes, it is big young lady lets me do, she gave me 20 two silver, put inside the pillow of my head of a bed now!" "Nonsense!" Su Ziqi shouted angrily. Hearing this, Su Yunjun grabbed Su Ziqi's cold hand and felt Ah Jie trembling all over with anger, but she was calmer: "Since you said she asked you to drug it, why did she ask you to drug it? Why didn't she do it herself? Why did she insist on letting you do it? Is it because she was afraid that no one knew?" Chapter 87: You are the one who hit. Green duckweed just thought Shen Qingyin and Wu Mammy let her borrow Su Zi's hand, must also want to get rid of Su Zi, so simply framed Su Zi, asked Wu Mammy to save her, naturally did not think so much. Can't answer for a moment: "Because..". Because ...” "Because you don't know at all, because Sister didn't tell you to do anything at all, so you can't find a reason now, can you?" Su Yunjun said and looked at Lu Ping, "You said Ah Jie poisoned her grandmother to frame her cousin. Why did Ah Jie frame her cousin and poison her grandmother? Do you think Ah Jie would do such a stupid thing as lifting a rock only to drop it on her own feet?" Green duckweed did not expect that Su Yunjun, who did not talk much on weekdays, was so aggressive at the moment that she was forced to ask how to deal with it. See Su Yunjun smiled: "Do you think you framed the elder sister,plastic laminted tube, someone will save you?"? This is the Su family, no matter who is in the Su family must be subject to the rules of the Su family, subject to the management of the Su family. If you tell the person who ordered you now, if you don't say, don't forget that you are the slave of the Su family, your indenture is in the Su family, how to deal with you is also decided by the Su family! So don't be silly. Who ordered you to do it? By Su Yunjun so pressed, green duckweed can not help looking at Wu Mammy,custom cosmetic packaging, eyes full of expectations, now she can only beg Wu Mammy. But Wu Mammy did not seem to see the duckweed at all, completely ignoring her life and death. See this Su Yunjun heart just sneer, duckweed ah duckweed, elder sister treats you like a confidant, but you betrayed her, now count on others, they are mud Bodhisattva crossing the river itself is difficult to protect, who will care about your life. Seeing that Mammy Wu completely ignored her, Lu Ping panicked even more. She knelt down and rushed at Mammy Wu: "Mammy, save me." All of a sudden everyone looked at Mammy Wu, and the old lady's face was even more livid, so no one could see what was going on. Mammy Wu didn't expect the duckweed to pounce on her, but she didn't feel flustered. Instead, plastic laminated tube ,plastic packing tube, she disliked her and said, "You cheap maidservant, don't dirty my clothes." Said a kick in the face of the duckweed, the strength of the green duckweed's face was kicked askew in public, a silver tooth is also lost two, only a moment green duckweed full of blood, pain on the ground constantly rolling, words are also unable to say. Looking at the duckweed like this, Mammy Wu smiled. As long as the duckweed can not speak, it is impossible to say what she let the duckweed do, there is no conclusive evidence, even if the Su family wants to treat her as long as she does not plead guilty, the Su family can not take her. The more she thought about it, the more proud she was, and she did not hide it on her face. She looked at the master of the Su family and completely ignored it. Su Ziqi didn't expect Mammy Wu to be so bold that she dared to hurt the duckweed like this in front of her: "You dare!" But Mammy Wu sneered, "This cheap maidservant dares to harm even the old lady. The maidservant is afraid that she will hurt the maidservant and Miss Shen. It's just that in a hurry, the attack is a little heavy, which makes Miss Su laugh." The words completely ignored the Su family. No one would have thought that a Mammy of the Wu family would be so arrogant. This is not just a matter of Wu Mammy and green duckweed, this is the Wu family in the face of his Su family. "Unbridled!" The old lady  but subconsciously retreat. Not only she, but also the Su family and Shen Qingyin are shocked at the moment, is this still the weak Su Yunjun? Su Yunjun, however,pump tube, did not care about the views of others, and while Mammy Wu was shocked, he reached out and slapped her on the left side of her face. 'Pow! ' The voice was so loud that everyone woke up at once. emptycosmetictubes.com

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