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Journey to the West

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The old dragon king gave orders to divide his forces to catch the two men and assist the two star officers    the rhinoceros, and a cluster of colorful clouds descended to the top of the hall. The officials of the prefectures and counties, the people in and outside the city, side impact beams ,precision welded tubes, and so on, all set up incense tables in every household and worshipped the gods. In a little time, the monk of Ciyun Temple carried the elder into the gate of the mansion in a sedan chair. He met the traveler and kept the word "Xie" in his mouth: "Lao Shangxingguan rescued us, but because he didn't see the virtuous disciple, he was hanging in his mind. Fortunately, he won and returned!"! However, this monster did not know where to catch it! "The day before yesterday," said Monkey, "I said goodbye to my respected teacher, and I went up to heaven to make an investigation. I found out that the demon was a rhinoceros, and I told him to invite the four-wood bird star. At that time, when he heard of the Jade Emperor, he was ordered to send a committee to fight at the mouth of the cave. When the demon king  Prefectural and county officials to keep his master and four disciples, a large row of vegetarian banquet, please accompany the township officials. In one, notices were posted telling soldiers and civilians that next year they would not be allowed to light golden lanterns, and that they would never be allowed to engage in the battle of buying oil from big families. In another, butchers were told to skin rhinoceroses,  opened the mountain gate, looking for the way to go. As soon as this goes, is the so-called: secretly puts the jade cage to fly the colorful phoenix,side impact door beams, privately opens the gold lock to walk the dragon. After all, I don't know how the reward house is at dawn. Let's listen to the explanation in the next installment. In the ninety-third chapter of the catalogue, I asked Gu Tan about the meeting of the king of Tianzhu Kingdom. cbiesautomotive.com

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