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Ka Tu

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Behind them, there was a loud noise, and the sky suddenly lit up with a bright red fire, which was very dazzling. The shock wave from the explosion swept through the woods like a hurricane. The breaking sound of the tree beside him was heard all the time. Chen Mu felt a strong push behind him. His body rushed forward and nearly hit the tree. Fortunately, he reacted sensitively and shook his body continuously along the thrust to offset the force. Although Weah carried a man in his hand, he reacted faster than he did and fixed his figure directly. Harsh enough! Looking at the fire in the sky, Bagnell's face was blue and red, half admiring, half contemptuous. Chen Mu looked at the sky that gorgeous incomparable fire, but the heart can not help but feel a chill to the bone. At this time, suddenly a figure rushed out of the fire, this sudden change is beyond everyone's expectation, even in the fruit, also did not react to come over, watching the other side disappeared in the horizon at an alarming speed. Episode 3 Section 256 Preparation (1) Back at the base, Bagnell was still sighing, and no one expected Faya's means to be so ruthless. No wonder Faya's style of doing things has always been more controversial, even people like Bagnell Chen Mu who have experienced many battles feel cold, let alone those rich people who have a good life. Suddenly, the meter in Chen Mu's hand sounded, it was a fat man. At this time, does the fat man have anything to do with himself? On the light curtain, the fat man's face was very bad. "Brother," he said, "things are not good!"! Just now, a Carthew regiment in Faya attacked the residence of the Federal Comprehensive University, with heavy casualties! Bagnell and Chen Mu looked at each other. Seeing Chen Mu's expression,die casting parts, the fat man immediately realized that the situation might have changed and asked in a deep voice, "What's wrong?" "It's right here. Just now Faya attacked Xie Yanbai. Xie Yanbai should have been injured." Chen Mu went on to give a detailed account of what had just happened. The fat man screamed, "Faya, these madmen!"! Are they really crazy? Chen Mu was equally puzzled, and Bagnell looked puzzled. Faya's behavior is crazy! It's not a provocation, it's a declaration of war! What is even more incomprehensible is that they declared war on two such huge forces at the same time! Are Faya's people tired of living? How can the authority of the Big Six be offended? It can be predicted that the counterattack of Zhongda Shufu and Federal Comprehensive University will be fierce. No one can bear the blow of two families at the same time. The Big Six are the top creatures in the federal food chain, and Faya can only squeeze into the ranks in people's minds. In this line, Faya can only rank at the end. But now, the last one is challenging the two strong ones in front of him at the same time. How could anyone in the world do such a self-destructive thing? Could it be that Faya's top management is in a collective convulsion? Fatty calms down very quickly: "First no matter these, Luo city should be mixed up again.". We can't get involved in the fight between these crocodiles. This period of time business card printing can stop first, at this time, there must be a lot less people who have leisure to pay attention to the card. But my brother should pay attention to safety. Xie Yanbai got hurt after she left you. Although Xie Yanbai has always been open and aboveboard, it is hard to guarantee that other people in Zhongda Shufu will not vent their anger on you. Xie Yanbai probably guessed your identity. If they want to force you back to Zhongda Shufu, this is enough to give them an excuse. Chen Mu did not speak, metal stamping parts ,Stainless steel foundry, and Bagnell looked calm. I'll contact Jiao Si and see if I can invite him to stay with you for a while. With him, even if the people of Zhongda Shufu want to do it, they should think more about it. You need to hire more people recently. Don't be afraid to spend money. I'll send a sum of money. Don't thank me. This is the profit paid first, and I will deduct it from the auction later. Anyway, let's get through this first. The fat man was indeed a man who did great things, and in a moment he thought clearly. OK Chen Mu also does not talk nonsense, what the fat man says is very reasonable. If Zhongda Shufu really wants to use force, he really doesn't have much to think about. After hanging up, Chen Mu immediately received the money from the fat man. 1.5 billion Odie! Chen Mu heart under a warm, immediately can not help but wry smile, this can really  success of digital series cards has brought him great confidence. What's more, he not only has perfect equipment here, but also has three warehouses full of all kinds of rare materials. The next morning,Magnetic Drain Plug, Chen Mu, red-eyed after staying up all night, called Bagnell and handed over the card. autoparts-dx.com

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