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Legend of Little Soldier

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Tang Long did not know that he would become so timid because after he knew that the door had been regarded as the pillar of the company he subconsciously suppressed his single-cell character and everything he did was on the premise of not affecting the company When Jess heard that Tang Long did not respond she was a little surprised and asked "Sir what's wrong" Just then seeing that his crisis was over he straightened his collar and said to Tang Long "Mr Tang Long I think we should make a decision later After all the Commodity Chemicals intelligence said that they boarded the plane at seven o'clock and left It's not seven o'clock yet" Hearing El's words Tang Long snorted coldly Anyway he decided to do it according to his own ideas He pressed a button on his arm and a three-dimensional map appeared over the arms of all the special forces Tang Long's mecha is a commander's mecha which can control some functions of the whole team's mecha Tang Long clicked on an area on the map and said "Order everyone to gather here and prepare to attack the Night Palace and catch the head of the Butterfly Ball!" El was startled when he heard this He hadn't let the gendarmerie and the police department fight yet Tang Long would certainly disturb the plan if he went out so early! As he  this Who let their influence spread all over the universe they are willing to hold a concert in the remote country of Wanluo Federation China Chemicals Suppliers which is to give the Federation face The two old guys have completely different attitudes towards Chen Yu and Tang Long because they take into account Tang Long's youth Young people do things without thinking completely by the mood to do things the old man is afraid of Tang Longlai so he used a soft  is Catalysts and Additives the tourist capital Not many people believe this so what is the reason for them to choose this planet Olmster shook his head and decided not to think about it Anyway even if the two big enterprises had any conspiracy they would not take a fancy to the wild land of the Federation Olmster who had shifted his mind remembered that the Secretariat had reported some time ago that it had found the news of a player codenamed 23 tl To be honest Olmster is not very interested in this two or three things He has seen the game process of two or three tl which is just a tactician who is not yet fully mature He will track down two or three because the other five players who are also enough to prefix two or three are absolutely excellent strategists and what he needs is such talent The only thing that makes Olmster vaguely uneasy is that from the record these five players are obviously the two or three people who are training in the game It feels like an organized and systematic training talent I'm afraid these six  as well as behind the painting of a dense armed man scared chicken flying dog jump out of a road globalchemmall.com

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