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Legend of Star Peak _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel Paradise

2022-10-24 03:09   For Rent   Bago City   162 views

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"Liuzhuan Xuanshen Jue" is divided into "Fire Refining Body", "Xuanwu Body", "Tianhuo Body" and "Colorful Body" as well as "Immortal Golden Body". One of the most difficult is the third layer of "Skyfire Body". Because when practicing'the body of sky fire ', If the energy level of Zijin yuanzun is too low, it may even be swallowed up by the sky fire, so it must be refined in Zijin yuanzun! Pangu's method at that time was to rely on the original fire of Zijin yuanzun, the purple fire, to absorb, compress, absorb more purple fire, compress smaller, purple fire is far higher than the true fire of Samadhi,endless swim pool, and even its level can be completely compared with the true fire of Liudhi. After such compression, we have achieved a qualitative change and gained a trace of sky fire! Then the danger will be greatly reduced when the sky fire is used to refine the body. And this problem, Zhang Xingfeng unexpectedly so simple to solve, he now Zijin yuanzun inside the sky fire, after the practice speed will be greatly accelerated, the most important thing is that the six true fire quenching can be more powerful than the Samadhi true fire quenching! Zhang Xingfeng, who has the body of the innate fire spirit and the sky fire, can say that when the sky fire is trained, the danger is almost minimized. Ha-ha Heaven disaster,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, heaven disaster, ha ha ha. Zhang Xingfeng can not help but be a little proud, this can not blame him, he prepared for more than three thousand years in his previous life and did not survive the disaster, the success of one of the ten people who crossed the disaster is rare, the rest, a little less courage, at the beginning of the solution into a scattered immortal. And insist, there are only two results, one is to become immortal, and the other is to annihilate, to the back of the day, you want to escape can not escape, because later, the power of the day is too great. Zhang Xingfeng, your luck is really good, outdoor whirlpool ,jacuzzi manufacturers, really good, really good! Tianyu said three times in a row that he and Pangu had seen many practitioners and practitioners in the two realms of immortals and demons, but he had never seen Zhang Xingfeng so lucky! Tianyu, what did I see? Zhang Xingfeng stood in the center of the palace and looked at the black boots suspended in front of him, as well as the bright black crystals under the boots. Zhang Xingfeng,endless pool factory, your life is really good. The boots are the'heavy Xuan boots' and your'heavy Xuan suits' are matching. 'Heavy Xuan Kui' is divided into three parts. In addition to the'heavy Xuan boots' and'heavy Xuan suits', there is also a'heavy Xuanbu arm guard '. After three pieces in one, it will become the'! "Of the same level as the axe of the God of Heaven Tianyu's voice made Zhang Xingfeng feel comfortable. monalisa.com

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