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Lord of Secrecy

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After crying without restraint, Audrey, who was originally sunny, was depressed, a little more delicate, with a touch of sadness, so that everyone who saw her had a feeling of love from the bottom of their hearts. Under all kinds of protection, she went back to Queens and to her room. Only then did she have a chance to take a serious look at herself and digest the knowledge and experience gained from the potion and the collective subconscious sea. Others may not be able to see it, but Audrey knows very well that the tall blonde girl in the mirror has super strength and exaggerated dragon scale defense, belonging to the kind that can explode a piece of steel with one punch. Well, I can also'dragonize ', which is equivalent to using incomplete mythological biological forms, but this must wait until I adapt to the magic potion and constantly superimpose the right psychological hints, otherwise I will lose control directly. Each'dragon 'can not exceed a certain time, otherwise, even if there is a treatment for the spirit and mind,Grey Marble Slab, it will be deeply infected by madness and chaos, leading to out of control.. My current limit is about one minute. The core ability of the manipulator is called manipulation. I can let the mind enter other people's mind islands through the collective subconscious sea, directly tamper with their subconscious, read their thoughts, and silently drive them to do all kinds of things.. "And" manipulation "is matched with" virtual personality ", I can create many virtual personalities, so that they have the corresponding mental body,white marble slabs, which on the one hand can fight against many influences in the field of mind, on the other hand, can let me talk with others at the same time, with the help of" them ", silently invade the target's island of consciousness, without any signs on the surface.. "I have only thirteen virtual personalities at the moment." "Manipulators" can also create a terrible "spiritual plague" and spread all kinds of psychological diseases and extreme madness with the help of the collective subconscious sea.. "Well, 'shock and awe' has become a large-scale'mental deprivation ', and it's no longer just a shock and awe effect.." "I can also turn my designated thoughts into a'mind storm ', sweeping around and affecting all enemies.." "Oh, as a'manipulator ', the ability to roam in the collective subconscious sea is also necessary, Marble Granite Price ,grey marble slab, which is called'consciousness walk', otherwise when I slowly arrive at the scheduled place after complex manipulation as before, the target has already left.." Audrey looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly smiled. Then she puffed out her cheeks and opened her mouth as if to spit something. Since her mythologicaeel frightened. It's not so terrible, Mr. World knows very well. Audrey cast her eyes at the bottomat writing a book to be liked is not the same as writing a story to be believed. The latter will undoubtedly be easier if she can get the advice of a "senior" psychologist. Justice "Audrey had already thought about the details of the letter before she opened her mouth, and she answered slowly:" "Obviously,Slate Wall Panel, your teacher must have noticed your rapid promotion, and because of the death of Mr. X and various sensitive issues, he has some doubts and vigilance about your participation in the extraordinary circle." forustone.com

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