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Lord of Xiuzhen Manor

2022-10-20 22:14   For Sale   Santa Rosa   161 views

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Location: Santa Rosa
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Fireworks are set off for tourists during the National Day holiday. This time, it is special to set off for the staff, which is also a reward for the hard-working staff. With the experience of previous times, this time the staff are naturally familiar with the road, and soon the ignition points are arranged. Unlike the previous relatively widely distributed ignition points, this one is relatively concentrated. They are all near the bathing beach. That's because during the National Day, there are enough fireworks, and tourists need to enjoy them differently from all angles. Naturally, there will be ignition points on the top of the mountain and on the sea. This time, the remaining number of fireworks is not very large, in order to allow employees and tourists on the island to enjoy all of them, Feng Jiahua will naturally arrange the venue of the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. Tonight. There will be the biggest bonfire party in the history of Blue Whale Island at the bathing beach, and the employees and tourists on the island will gather together to celebrate the festival. For this reason. After Ju Jiahua came back from the capital, he had already asked the staff to start preparing for the bonfire party tonight. Since it is a bonfire party, barbecue materials are naturally indispensable. For this reason,rosmarinic acid supplement, Ju Jiahua also specially called Ge Yazhou to prepare three best goats and a series of barbecue materials. Two days ago, these materials were transported to Blue Whale Island by the company's refrigerated truck. It's in the fresh-keeping warehouse now. In addition to the barbecue, another highlight is that there will be a unique dolphin show on the beach. In the past, all kinds of dolphin performances were carried out in the dolphin playground. Although it was very formal, it still lacked a certain wild beauty. This time, Ju Jiahua wanted to be different and move the venue of the performance to the bathing place to see how the effect was. If the effect is good,pumpkin seed extract, Jujiahua can consider gradually relaxing the performance to the bathing beach in the future, so that tourists can have more novel experiences. Although there are no clouds in the sky to cover the sun, the sun in late October is not so hot, shining on people for a while. Ju Jiahua is working with an electrician on a shelf to install the large spotlights that will be used tonight, which is an important equipment for the evening. Although the moon is expected to be bright at night, Jiejiahua decided to add several sets of spotlights in order to let everyone see the various performances of dolphins more clearly. The function of spotlights is not only to let everyone see clearly, but also to create a better atmosphere according to the rhythm of the music on the field. Similar to the shelves that Ju Jiahua now climbs, there are eight along the coastline, and a small part of them are submerged in the sea, as close as possible to the sea. They are about five meters high and used to be the places where lifeguards usually work, but this time they were used by Ju Jiahua. Jujiahua and his male employees are busy setting up wires and spotlights on the shelves, phycocyanin spirulina ,fenugreek saponins, while a wonderful scene is being staged on the sea under their feet. Doudou, the showy guy, is surfing on a special surfboard, sliding rapidly on the sea as the waves float. After more than a year of contact, Doudou's surfing skills are not as bad as before, but have reached the level of professional players. It can  and imitation. In the process of surfing with Ju Jiahua, he quickly learned a lot of tricks and slowly imitated them. Of course, thanks to its very strong physique nourished by Reiki,tannic acid astringent, Doudou is also handy in the process of learning to swim and surf. A good constitution allows it to communicate in the sea for a long time. The control of the body and surfboard is also enhanced. As far as Ben Jiahua is concerned, Doudou's surfing skills are not comparable to those of some amateurs who often surf. It can surpass the level of Doudou. That must be at least those semi-professional surfers, which is enough to show that Doudou's hard practice for more than a year has not been in vain. prius-biotech.com

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