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Luocha Shenlong

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Tiandu Xiushi suddenly said in a bitter voice, "Mother Wa is extremely vicious. From her appearance, she is beautiful, not surly, and not harmful to Jianghu. You don't know that her heart is more poisonous than snakes and scorpions." I heard Tiandu Xiushi say that at this time, his teeth were clenched, which showed that he was looking for the viciousness of Wa's mother and hated her deeply. So when he mentioned Wa's mother, his anger arose from his heart, and his anger arose from his courage. He wished he could cut the body of Wa's mother into pieces immediately, so as to relieve his hatred. Mother Wa's heart was like the poison of snakes and scorpions, so she came up with this poison method. The poisonous python on the flying peak was what she saw when she happened to pass by. When she found it, she felt sick and thought of poison. She wanted to keep this poisonous python. When the poison was formed, she could do it, because she also knew that I was with her. Then he pointed to the outside and continued, "With her martial arts, it's really not easy to hurt her. Unless we plot against her with poisonous things, we can't guard against it. Hum! Unexpectedly, this poisonous woman is so vicious to her own sister." My own sister, is this woman the sister of my mother? After listening to Tiandu Xiushi's words, the old man was puzzled and couldn't help asking, "Is this girl the sister of his mother?" As soon as I said this, I suddenly remembered that Bai Ji kept calling someone else a girl, and she was the sister of Mother Wa, so her age would never be above her own age. Mother Wa had a good way of keeping in good health. How could she keep her face without skill? It was enough. It was not surprising that she looked like a young woman in her twenties. Tiandu Xiushi lost himself in the past and heard nothing of Magu's question. He added, "That was thirty years ago. One day, I walked to the boundary of Miaojiang. At that time, I was only in my thirties. It was because I heard rumors that there were pests in the Miaojiang area, and they were getting worse and worse. The people in Miaojiang not only used pests to harm people, but also used the woman to coerce her lover." The lover never dares to change his mind all his life, and often serves him. If he does not follow his heart, he will use insects to harm him. The result is either physical injury or death. Before that, I had been traveling in the Szechuan area, and I knew that there were many rebellious young people. After entering the former frontier, seven or eight out of ten of them had never returned. Almost every day, I could hear my father and mother calling for their sons, and my sons and daughters crying for their fathers. How many young women in the boudoir were afraid to see the willows on the road, accompanied by the red and handsome lantern alone, and wept sadly? It was I who saw my heart crying, and I could not bear it, so I decided to go to Miaojiang to try to eliminate this kind of insect poison that harms the public, destroys the family and separates the wife and children. The Great Illusion God suddenly stared at the beggar and said, "If we talk about raising worms, ah!"! Mother Wa is the chief culprit. Tiandu Xiushi nodded slightly and then said, "When I arrived in Miaojiang, I rescued a dozen people in less than a month." But everyone has been affected by the pest, secondary containment pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, and although people have been rescued, there are also homes that cannot be returned. The old man Magu sighed, "If the insect poison harms people, it will be far away, and it will be difficult to escape its control. Moreover, it will not return at that time. Once the insect poison breaks out, there will be no medicine to cure it, and there will be worries about life." Tiandu Xiushi couldn't help sighing, "That's exactly right. Although I rescued those people, they not only didn't thank me, but blamed me for being nosy and harming them. At that time, I didn't know the reason, so I asked them in detail before I knew the details. But I thought: Since there is insect poison, there is no detoxification medicine  thought to myself at that time: 'These two women must have come from Miaoshan. If there is Mother Wa, I'm afraid it's impossible? Maybe it's the two disciples under the seat of Mother Wa. The old man Magu said,plastic pallet suppliers, "It's been thirty years now, but this girl still looks like she's no more than twenty years old. At that time, she looked even younger. The art of keeping beauty in Miaoshan is like a God." binpallet.com

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