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Marry a dandy

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"Since there are military forces everywhere," Yang Hui warned, "how did you come out?" When Xifeng heard this, she was stupefied. After a moment, she stood up trembling and said in disbelief, "Do you suspect me?" "No.." I Before he had finished speaking, Xifeng grabbed the cup next to him and threw it at him. Then she picked up something and threw it at him. As she did so, she cried, "You suspect me!"! You should doubt me! I'm not even an imperial concubine for you. I took all the money and disguised myself as a maid of honor, but you still suspect me! "Xifeng!" Yang Hui grabbed Xifeng's hand and said eagerly, "That's not what I meant!"! What you said is too important for me to think about. "Just don't go to the palace!" "I just want you to live," cried Xifeng. "Is it so hard?!" This makes Yang Hui slightly stupefied, Xifeng cried out of breath, she seems to be exhausted, slowly slipped down, Yang Hui Leng watched her slip on the ground, low sobs, his mind flashed a lot. Xifeng's words, Xifeng is not clear, but he is clear. Like Zhang Yu and Ye Qingwen, he wants to die. Blame Gu Jiusi. It was nothing more than that the emperor had the intention to kill them. At first, Sima Nan and Wei Dacheng received Gu Jiusi's Rouge,collapsible bulk containers, but later the emperor received Xifeng in order to beat him. Fan Yuzhi was suspicious. After that, he was afraid that they would turn against him. Now that Zhou Gaolang was about to enter Dongdu, Gu Jiusi appeared again in Dongdu and the three of them were spies. Fan Yu decided to cross the Rubicon, kill them and then frame Gu Jiusi, and then let their subordinates fight to the death with Zhou Gaolang to keep Dongdu alive because of hatred. Yang Hui was silent for a long time in Xifeng's cry. He felt as if he had been driven to a dead end. Now, whether he opposed or not, in Fan Yu's heart, he and Wei Dacheng and Sima Nan had become a traitor. Even if he didn't kill him tonight,plastic pallet manufacturer, maybe it was just because he needed them. The death of Zhang Yu and Ye Qingwen knocked them, and Gu Jiusi's words were even more in their hearts. They are to serve Fan Xuan to keep Fan Yu, but if Fan Xuan has left the testamentary edict of the deposed emperor, does it mean that in Fan Xuan's heart, Daxia is more important than his blood? And how could an emperor who was willing to betray his country for internal stability be the successor in Fan Xuan's heart? The most important thing is, Yu state is the foundation of the three of them, Fan Yu will Yu state to Liu Xingzhi, let, is the foundation of their three generals, even if today they carried the Zhou Gaolang, against Liu Xingzhi, in the future, they are left with veteran down archers, Fan Yu's disposition, and really will forgive them now a lot of suspicion? Yang Hui slowly closed his eyes. After a long time, he sighed and said, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet bins, "Don't cry. I will think of a way." "You don't go to the palace?" "Enter." "Then you." "I will not die." Yang Hui shook his head. He helped Xifeng up and wiped her tears. "You ran out, and then you ran out. I'll send you into the city now. If there is a future, I'll send someone to pick you up." Xifeng stared blankly at Yang Hui. Yang Hui smiled. He hugged her and then said, "You're still young. Don't be stubborn. Let's go." As he spoke, he led Xifeng out of the house. Xifeng didn't seem to react to anything. When he sent her to the carriage, she suddenly reacted. She grabbed Yang Hui and said nervously, "Can you fight?" "Yes." Yang Hui looked at her with a smile and then said, "Don't be afraid. I'm a general. It's common to fight." "So," Xifeng seldom looked at him carefully, "will you protect the people, or the son of heaven?" Yang Hui did not expect that Xifeng would ask such a question. After a moment of surprise, he smiled: "Who do you want me to protect?" Xifeng pursed her lips. After a long time, she said, "I am a common people. My parents, relatives and friends are all common people." Yang Hui saw the prayer in Xifeng's eyes. His heart swayed slightly. He raised his hand and put it on her cheek. He said gently, "Then I'll draw my sword this time for you." "I used to protect the Son of Heaven, but this time I  especially those of Luo Zishang.". At the same time, he controlled the city wall, opened the gates of the eastern capital,plastic pallet containers, and organized the people to leave the city. Lord Gu will go into the inner palace to convince your majesty that if there is no war, it is better not to start. If he doesn't leave the palace by the time Mao arrives, Lord Yang can capture the palace city directly. binpallet.com

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