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Medical Concubine is priceless, the wife of King Leng.

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What a disgusting name! This guy is called addicted. Then Feng Junyao lowered himself and called out in a very gentle voice, "Momo, Momo.." No matter how he called, Tang Yue did not have a trace of reaction, Feng Junyao could not help twisting the good-looking eyebrows, it seems that this girl really does not like the name, she did not subconsciously regard these two words as her name. All right, when the time comes to change the name, then Feng Junyao called in a low voice: "Yue, little Yue." Still no response. Feng Junyao frowned again, looking down at the people on the table, always feeling that something was wrong. His dementor can't even resist, her internal force is under the fox, should be able to be hypnotized, how now she has no reaction, is it difficult that these names are not what she likes? Helplessly, Feng Junyao changed his name and continued to call, "Tang Yue, did Tang Yue hear me call you?" "Mmm." This time, a word overflowed from the sleeping Tang Yue's mouth. Well, it turned out that this girl liked people to call her Tang Yue. Feng Junyao was depressed in her heart. Then she said, "What's your name?" “…… Tang Yue. Her little mouth wriggled slightly and she uttered these two words gently. Looking at that pair of lips like cherry petals with dew, Feng Junyao could not help but cross a torrent in his heart,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, and had an impulse to kiss her, but he endured it for the sake of business. How old are you this year? “…… Seventeen. "Do you know Feng Junyao?" "Yes." Gradually, Tang Yue's answer was no longer hesitant. When Feng Junyao heard her answer, he could not help raising his good-looking eyebrows. "What do you think of him?" "It's a man." Of course he was a man. Feng Junyao's lips twitched slightly. "Do you like him?" "Don't like it." Feng Junyao's face was black and black, and his voice was obviously much colder. "Why don't you like it?" "Arrogant and smelly fart, and boring, likes to calculate people, in short, is a cheating villain." A series of unpleasant words came out of the little mouth. Really want to stop this small mouth ah,12 needle valve, especially want to use his mouth, Feng Junyao black calm face, with cold than ice dregs also cold voice continued to ask, "then you have a favorite person?" "Yes." Feng Junyao's hands suddenly tightened, and the cold air from his whole body was enough to freeze a polar bear to death. Who The word'who 'came out of someone's teeth. My mother. Feng Junyao raised his eyebrows and continued to ask, "and." It's normal to like her mother, which can be ignored. Myself. The answer was very straightforward without a trace of hesitation. ……” It's narcissistic, but it's okay to like yourself. It's acceptable. "What else?" "Not at the moment." As for the person she will like in the future, not surprisingly, this person will be him, of course, it may be someone else, it depends on his performance in the future, she will also like her children who have not yet been seen. At this point, Feng Junyao's face improved slightly, raised his hand to pinch a lump of meat on her face, 38 needle valve ,needle valve manufacturer, pulled it out vindictively, and then slowly slid down, stroking the attractive lips back and forth, feeling the softness and delicacy above. I really want to ask you what to do. Feng Junyao said to himself, and then his head slowly fell down, his mouth was getting closer and closer to the red lips, and he was about to meet them, just listen. With a bang, Feng Junyao clasped a hand on his face. Tang Yue, who had been sleeping, suddenly opened her eyes, pushed her head out of her face, and then sat up hurriedly, glaring at the'big 'with a pair of watery eyes. In the middle of his playing, she realized something was wrong and felt that her consciousness was out of her control, as if she had been then down a little, he can see his salivating red lips. As he spoke with the enthusiasm of tea fragrance sprayed on her face, Tang Yue's little face was hot, a touch of blush flew up, coupled with her ruddy and full cherry lips,pipe fittings manufacturer, Feng Junyao's heart was hot, and her quiet eyes were covered with a layer of color. Yue, what if I want to kiss you? Feng Junyao pressed his head down again for a few minutes and kissed the cherry lips. chinaroke.com

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