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Move the soul in a moment and change the ancient and modern 1

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"It seems that this girl and jade are particularly predestined!"! You say, if someone comes to bet with me every day, then I don't have to work hard to do business, and it won't be long before I become the richest man in Rongguo! Let's buy a house bigger than Lingfu and sing and dance every day, ha ha ha! The brocade book light is smiling, the silver Sheng always dispels my enthusiasm in the critical moment of my fantasy, she stood by the window to look at the sky, this just said: "Miss, it's dark. Why are you daydreaming again, regardless of the occasion?" I can not help but sigh, teach the servant no way ah! First issue, please do not reprint! [18] Chapter XVIII. Originally, my principle was to respect the royal family and stay away from them, but it seems that this idea is not realistic. After hearing me play the piano, I don't know if the three brothers of the Shu family felt that the price they paid for listening to me play the piano once was too high and not worth it. Every once in a while, they would suddenly appear in Cen Wuji's class. My class was almost an open class. Resources are not a waste, and the palace to do business, it is said that the profit is not generally high, it is quite good. After several prince gossip forums, I successfully used inside information to expand Luzhou's Rouge and gouache business to the palace. Of course, no one knew I was the boss, and everything was behind the scenes. In order not to be sad in the future, I also thought about the story of Hu Xueyan, a red-top businessman, several times,cosmetic tube, and reformulated my life principles, that is: to get to know high-level figures, to grasp the trend of the government, to bury money everywhere, and to flee immediately when there is a change! Ha-ha! With preparation, what do I have to be afraid of? The first task is to make a good relationship with a few princes, can not casually offend, find a few princes as a backer is not bad ah! Anyway, I'm not a man, so I won't get involved in politics. In addition,plastic packaging tube, I have to continue to study hard and practice kungfu. Although Night Tour and Blue Robe said that they had given me the most powerful kungfu in the world, things are developing and changing, and history is constantly progressing. Who knows if there will be more powerful people jumping out one day. I have to take a long-term view. Although there is no "men and women are not close to each other" this sentence, but men and women are still very important, I am a young lady in the boudoir, from time to time a man came to me, it is said that the etiquette is incompatible, but no one has been asked, I do not know whether my father acquiesced or what, since no one came to find fault, I am too lazy to think more, anyway, I do not care about what etiquette. I am happy to have someone to chat with me. Chongren 16 years of autumn is not destined to be an ordinary autumn, the court above, surging. At the chrysanthemum banquet, the crown prince, who was nearly 30 years old and had a thin face, polyfoil tube ,custom cosmetic packing, was reprimanded by the emperor for keeping a catamite, and was grounded to think about his mistakes. The sage said that he was "foolish and immoral, and could not be taught."! The crown prince is the only son of the first empress. The first empress is gentle and virtuous. She is the wife of the present emperor. It is said that she is deeply in love with the emperor. Unfortunately, she died of illness three years after the emperor ascended the throne. Since her death, the throne has been empty for more than ten years. Prince this aptitude is mediocre, also has not made contributions, a few years ago a minister wrote to change the civil and martial arts are outstanding two princes for the crown prince, was the emperor to set up long not set up young rejected, now the emperor in front of the princes angrily rebuked the prince, and there are rumors will set up Ru imperial concubine for the queen, can't help but people don't guess this situation will not change. No wonder someone jumped out of this Hou Yefu and jumped into the ground without anyone in charge! My father used to be a member of the princeling party. If something happens to the prince, he must be so shrewd that he must think of a way to make a move. Mr. Cen didn't come today because of something, so I took the opportunity to sit in the bamboo forest to recuperate. Apart from the seven princes who only come to our Qinzhuyuan every time they come back to Lingfu, other people don't just come to you, Miss. I heard that there are more people who go to Miss Mingzhu's Lanxiangyuan, several of whom we haven't seen before. Yin Sheng said to me, who was sitting in a rocking chair. Hey! Your young lady I am still not charming enough ah, I also think that because I am different to attract a basket of handsome men, who knows, as Yinsheng said, I daydream too much! "Why do all these people like to come to Lingfu?"? And Hou Ye also no matter the young lady and five young ladies are not the daughter's home, let the man in and out. ” Looking at the puzzled look of the brocade book, I said, "Isn't it obvious that the prince is not liked by the emperor? The position of the prince may  excuse and ran away. Miss, which of the princes and sons do you like? Seeing that Yinsheng had gone, Jinshu came forward and asked,pump tube, with the style of a professional journalist. I like them all! I gave her a big smile back, and a word stunned the girl. How could they all like it? Miss lied to me again! She pouted. If you had to choose, who would you like? emptycosmetictubes.com

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