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My struggle

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I explained to them that tonight was our first practical experiment, and that we were willing to be loyal to our party's movement even if we were crushed to pieces. We vowed not to leave the meeting unless we were dead. I will never believe that you will abandon me in times of trouble. If I see a man who looks like a coward, I will personally take off his armband and badge. Therefore, when the enemy sends a signal to destroy the assembly, they are ordered to rush forward and fight, but they must bear in mind that the best way to defend themselves is to attack. My words received three loud cheers from them, which were as fierce and enthusiastic as they had ever been in the air. Therefore. I walked into the meeting and saw the scene. The enemies sat side by side and looked at me angrily. There were innumerable others, all turning their heads towards me in a sort of indignant and hostile manner, which was really aggressive; and there were people who made a sort of loud and grotesque cry, and all sorts of ugly things. Because the enemy knows that their strength is stronger, they have the feeling of confidence that they will win. At that time, the meeting could be announced, and I went on stage to make a speech. I spoke about half past one. The enemy sent a signal that they were making trouble. Then some of them began to cry out in a strange voice, and one suddenly jumped on the chair and shouted "freedom",inflatable floating water park, and the soldiers of "freedom" began to act. But in a few seconds, the whole audience was in an uproar, the bottles on their heads were flying, and the legs of the chair were broken. The glass shattered with a thud. The roaring sound was like a storm, and the whole audience was completely in a frenzy. I still stood where I was, watching the actions of our lively young comrades. Just as the enemy's commotion was about to break out,Jumping castle with slide, our party's advancing troops rose up and attacked the enemy. The name of the marching team really comes from here. They were all as fierce as wolves, and in groups of ten or eight they repeatedly charged into the enemy's ranks and drove them completely out of the meeting. After five minutes, none of our players was not bleeding. By this time, I knew their quality. The valiant Mules. The Maurice Hess, who is now my private secretary, and the other comrades, none of them did not attack bravely, as long as they could support them, even if they were seriously wounded, they could not fight. There was still a group of enemies in the corner of the meeting hall, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable mechanical bull, who were still resisting tenaeeting hall. Waving his hand and shouting, "Stop the meeting!" I couldn't help but be amused, because it was an old gobbledygook. We learned many lessons that night, but the enemies of our Party could not forget what they had learned. Until the autumn of 1923, the mnncher post did not mention a word about the proletarian disturbances. wWwxiaoshuotxt com The dictatorship of the strong becomes the strongest. ~ Xiao < Shuo t xt + + Tian > Tang Citizens in general, they hear that various labor groups have joined together to form trade unions. They must be very pleased with the news that they are trying to unite and avoid division. Everyone is convinced that this combination is bound to add tremresentatives and warriors of these two paths are austria-prussia, that is,Inflatable dry slide, the Habsburg royal family and the Hohenzollern royal family, which should have merged into one long ago, and the rest of the small forces should attach their solidarity to Party a or Party B according to their own opinions. Thus the course taken by one side of the final victory. Nature should be followed by everyone. joyshineinflatables.com

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