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Other world veterinarian

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"By the way, uncle doesn't know your name yet." Chutian narrowed his eyes and began to conceive the second weapon of his Warcraft Legion. AK47 and Xiaobai also looked at the mammoth in pain, and according to their names, the code name of the underage elephant would not be much better! Novel "I don't have a name, but everyone calls me Xiaoliuzi." Xiao Liuzi?! As soon as Chutian heard this name, he almost lost his breath. It was too much like a special profession on the earth. Why do they call you Xiao Liuzi? AK47 asked strangely, and she finally found a name that was not as good as her own. "Because my strength is the sixth greatest!" Xiao Liuzi said proudly, "But now my strength is the second biggest!"! Because Ah Da, Ah Er, Ah San, and Ah Si all have no strength now! Chutian listened to this string of names without nutrition, and made an evaluation in his heart: Orcs are uneducated! "Are your four brothers the Golden Beamons?" Chutian suddenly remembered this question, in the orcs can be more powerful than the mammoth giant, only the gold Beamon, and they do not have the strength of the reason, I am afraid it is also a good thing done by the red flame? "Yes?"? Uncle, how do you know? Xiao Liuzi asked curiously, "Now only the skylark sister who brought us here is stronger than me!" "Sister Lark?"? Is it a skylark of the seventh order? Barbosa was well-informed and immediately thought of the identity of the little sparrow! Volume 2 Agoura Mountain Medical Conference Chapter 42 What a Big Sparrow "The skylark of the seventh order?" How dare a little sparrow shout to cover the sky? This makes Chutian very unhappy. Chief Basten, look. With these words, Chutian pl, deceived the familiar of others, was scolded two sentences, "you see!"! My airship has been completely scrapped, and you have to pay for something, right? If you don't want to give me Warcraft, you can pay one million gold coins! "Forget it!"! I'll give you a skylark! Basten had no choice but to choose Warcraft compensation, and he also knew that Chutian's one million gold coins absolutely did not blackmail himself, Zeppelin is absolutely worth this number! But for Basten, who is not rich and whose life is still in the hands of Chutian, Inflatable outdoor park , there is only one way to send out the skylark! Basten called out, and earthquake! Wind up! It's dark! After that, a boundless dark shadow enveloped the earth. Chutian looked at a sparrow feather about the same size as himself and sighed in his heart: "What a big sparrow!"! You let him fly higher! I can't see! Chutian shouted in the wind, and now the little sparrow was only a few meters above Chutian's head, so it was hard to see all of his body. Basten did so, and in the whirring wind, a large green sparrow appeared in front of Chutian. No wonder he was able to fly over the dust and mud swamp with hundreds of wild wolves and mammoth elephants. Chutian observed that the sparrow's wings were more than 100 meters wide, and it was a little different from the sparrows on the earth. His body was flatter and his back was wider! "All right!"! Let her come down! Chutian intends to appreciate the third member of his Warcraft Legion at close range! Earthquake agai magic! In fact, the seventh order of this strength assessment is more because of her huge body, so the orcs aogether. Nope! I don't need a pig, I'm a vegetarian! And I don't eat much! The skylark gently refused Chutian's kindness, "as for the gold coin." Just give it to Xiao Liuzi, he can eat very much! Then he fondly stroked the mammoth with his wings. Sister,Inflatable meltdown, uncle has given me ten pigs every day! Uncle is a good man! He will surely give you a lot of delicious food! Xiao Liuzi, who had just joined the gang, soon grasped the essence of the Chutian Abduction Group and roped in new members for Chutian. Oh! Thank you! I'm sure you'll be a good host! The skylark of the seventh order was finally abducted into the gang. joyshineinflatables.com

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