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Please pay attention to the scale of touching porcelain [entertainment circle]

2022-10-23 20:30   For Sale   Bacolod City   173 views

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"Ask for the ophthalmology number together!"! No matter how you look up and down, I think this idol has won! And, no ~ no ~ hanging ~ read! /Laugh and Cry/Laugh and Cry "From my professional aesthetic perspective of 30 years, this love bean, head and shoulders than gold, head and body than gold, perfect swan strength, perfect proportion of three courtyards and five eyes, in short, everything is perfect!"! Really.. The celestial being descends to the earth Identification complete! /Cool/Cool/Cool "" "Whoo, I will never be a fan of the heroine in the future. I want to climb the wall to become a fan of Lan Jin, and I want to be a face fan!" "Yan Fen + 1" "Yan Fen + 2" "Face powder + 10086" The forty-second day of touching porcelain The news that Nanzhi plays Lan Jin is a very good topic on the Internet, which is the icing on the cake for the publicity of Top of the Storm. Lin Weishen also saw the comments on the Internet, and he agreed with the netizens' vision very much. At the same time, he had some small pride in his heart: You praise, but my wife! But Nanzhi can't see the pride of President Lin. Although the role of Lan Jin is not much, but Yaohua has always loved to play, it is expected to take a month and a half to come back, and halfway can not leave the group. To this, Lin Weishen is a little melancholy. When Nanzhi was the busiest, he came back in a week at most. This time is to see no one for more than a month, then he is not to lovesickness disaster? Before marriage,Mechanical fine screen, it is not common to endure, but after marriage, it is a bit unbearable! And a few days before he left home, his little wife inexplicably ignored him! Should we pick a time to visit the class? Lin Weishen turned out the Nanzhi crew arrangement sent by Assistant Gao, and prepared to choose a time when she was not too busy to visit the class. After looking it up, Lin Weishen found that the play … Inappropriate. And extremely inappropriate!!! The Machiavellian play that one tells male chauvinism to cheat each other to contend for the world only, why should place a kiss play to go in??! And, male advocate and female advocate have kiss play to still calculate normal,Belt Filter Press, now female 2 and male advocate have kiss play is to be why??! Lin Weishen suddenly regretted that he had not read the script in advance. Previously, he thought that this "Top of the Storm" was mainly about men, and guessed that there would be no R-rated scenes, so he didn't care. How interesting General Manager Huang listened to the director's rainbow fart, with a proud light in his eyes, and his waist could not help straightening up. Hello, General Manager Huang, I am Nanzhi in March. If the director does not say, we do not know, the original "Top of the Storm" shooting effect is so good, and Huang always more than half of the credit! " It was not the beautiful figure of Xiuzhu in his mind that came. The taste in Nanzhi's heart was a little mixed for a while, but he still piled up a smile to deal with the present. Sister Nanzhi is really good at talking! Not Kui is the love bean origin, is really the song sweet person is sweeter! Gu Qingyue's charming voice laughed, but his voice was a little sweeter than usual. Nanzhi noticed that Gu Qingyue was still standing beside General Manager Huang. When she spoke, she pulled her hair behind her head, beautiful side face and body, slightly behind her,Dissolved Gas Flotation, leaning against General Manager Huang, a bit like a bird. Nanzhi curled her eyes and stopped looking at her, just in time to bump into the eyes of the "what is what" movie king standing on the other side. Both of them saw it in each other's eyes. It turned out that the gold owner of the young actor had come to visit the class. khnwatertreatment.com

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