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Politics follows the world

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Su Muyan's face stiffened and he heard Su Muyun say, "Sister, I'll go down and buy you a sweet osmanthus cake." Then he went downstairs slowly. When the door was closed, Su Muyan stared blankly at Zheng Shuao, at a loss. "Zheng Shuao smiled at her and slowly stepped forward, explaining," I just want to talk to you. " Su Muyan remembered the truth that Muyun had told her, remembered what Prime Minister Zheng and Mrs. Zheng had done, and the sound of "Brother Shu Ao" choked in his throat before he cried out. Zheng Shuao heard her belated "brother Shuao" and smiled bitterly. Zheng Shuao has been silent since childhood, even in the face of Su Muyan, even if he likes it again, he neglects to express it. In the past, when she was the Crown Princess, he dared not get close to her. Later, when she became Lu Zheng's woman, he dared not get close to her. There were only a handful of words he had said to her in his life. Mu Yan, I'm sorry. "His voice was dark and hoarse, with helplessness and sadness.". Although he had never hurt her, his parents, Shuyan, had calculated her. He had vowed in his heart to protect her,eye cream packing tube, but in the end it was his relatives who hurt her the most, and he had no face to see her. Su Muyan knew that he was saying sorry for his parents, but she wouldn't say it didn't matter. Because of Mrs. Zheng's evil deeds, Lu Zheng was injured. If Prime Minister Zheng hadn't come to his senses, Lu Zheng would have been. So she doesn't forgive. Su Muyan did not make a sound, Zheng Shuao smiled bitterly: "Muyan, I want to help you, but I didn't think they would-" he could not go on,empty lotion tubes, he put Su Muyan out of the clouds, just hope she is good, hope she will be happy for the rest of her life. But he didn't think that his father would send her to Li Du and hurt her indirectly. I know, brother Shu Ao, you have always been my respected brother, and you have helped me a lot. Su Muyan never hated Zheng Shuao, even if his family brought her harm. She knew that Zheng Shuao had always been good to her and had helped her secretly, so she respected him and appreciated him. Zheng Shuao swallowed the bitterness in his heart. He didn't want to be her elder brother, but he couldn't. There was a secret in his heart that he never dared to tell her, for fear of scaring her, for fear that she would draw a line with him and never talk to him again. He thought his secret was so deep that no one would know. But Lu Zheng knows that men know men too well, especially brothers who go through life and death together. When Lu Zheng knew it, he also struggled dejectedly, hating him for moving his mind, and fearing that he had said something he shouldn't have said in front of Su Muyan. Lu Zheng read that he was a brother, cosmetic tube packaging ,empty cosmetic tubes, but he also secretly warned him to stay away from Su Muyan. Lu Zheng married Xiao Shuyu to him because he wanted him to break his mind and let him transfer his emotions. Later, he married Li Jing for the same reason. Once Lu Zheng was drunk and said bitterly, "Shu Ao, I wish I could send all the beauties in the world to your house." Zheng Shuao said calmly, "The emperor loves me so much that I can't afford it." Lu Zheng sneered, "I don't believe it. There are so many beautiful women in the world that no one can get into your eyes." He knew exactly how overbearing Lu Zheng was. Zheng Shuao smiled bitterly. Lu Zheng was afraid that he was reading Su Muyan in his heart. He was afraid that the secret could not be kept, so he wanted to keep stuffing women into him. In the past, military power was basically held by successive generals, but Lu Zheng did not give it to him for fear that he would hold military power and ask him for Su Muyan. Zheng Shuao never argued with Lu Zheng about anything, including women, but Lu Zheng was not at ease. He could trust Zheng Shuao in everything, but he didn't trust anyone except Su Muyan. Zheng Shuao looked at Su Muyan's beautiful face and remembered her heartbroken appearance after Lu Zheng was rescued from the fire. Only then did he know that Muyan loved the emperor. Mu Yan, there's something I want to tell you. Zheng Shuao looked at her perturbed, struggling in his heart, hesitating, knowing clearly that he could not say, but he was afraid that there would be no chance in the future. Su Muyan frowned slightly and his eyelashes trembled. "What's the matter?" He murmured. Zheng Shuao sighed lightly, looked at her, and talked about what the Zheng family had done. With that, he sighed with relief and said, "I know what they did is unforgivable. Now they are gone. Mu Yan, if you blame me, blame me." Su Muyan blinked his eyes and his eyes rolled crystal clear. Only then did she know how much Shuyan hated her for robbing her husband and occupying Lu Zheng's heart. It turned out that she was a sinner in the Zheng family. Mrs. Zheng tried to get rid of her for her daughter. Prime Minister Zheng also wanted to kill her for the honor and disgrace of the Zheng family. That's why they were so cruel to kill her parents and wanted to burn her and her brother. Brother Shu Ao, I don't blame you. She was a girl with a vendetta,  busy. Su Muyan did not go out, but did not know that Su Fu had been decorated with lanterns and colored streamers overnight. Cloud capital city bustling, from the palace to the Su House on the road,aluminium laminated tube, the palace people constantly, all the way red makeup, people have come to watch. emptycosmetictubes.com

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