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Qing Dynasty Chuan Sheng Chong Xuan Xue Fei (Chuan Shu) [Entry]

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But even so, Fujin Nala still lost his temper, his voice was cold, "Grandfather Su, it's so late, I don't know if you use this way to rush into my place at night, but there is a special explanation?" Fu Jin Na La Shi looked at the person, the bottom of the heart a suppressed anger, to come out. She was not afraid of a mere eunuch, but she had always had a kind face. Now, if I heard her and knew her sudden change, how would I look at her in the future? The slave pays his respects to Fu Jin, slave, slave. Su Peisheng like this, a look at Fu Jin was angry half of the face are blue, suddenly, the words behind the pressure down. Devilishly, Su Peisheng looked at this kind of Fujin, suddenly there is a little interest to know, and so on to see the expression after Ye came in. Although he is a slave, but most do not like, Fu Jin previously looked at him like that, a face of disgust. As a result, Su Peisheng, who deliberately spoke half a beat slowly, let Nala's question suddenly become louder. Ben Fujin is asking you a question. He's deaf. Rather than attack Su Peisheng, Fujin Nala was more annoyed by her slaves outside, how to guard the door in the end, such a critical moment, why not listen to say in advance. Su Peisheng was attacked by mistake. However,316l stainless steel pipe, thinking that this matter would spread to Ye's ears, Fujin certainly wanted Su Peisheng to shut up. Also do not know is the day does not wish or what, Fu Jin and Fu Mammy, almost afraid of what, what. Just then, the fourth Master came in from the outer room with a curtain. Before he arrived, his voice was still somewhat cold, like the dew of the night. I don't know, Fujin, that's how he teaches people. This said,316 stainless steel plate, frightened Fujin Nala's face turned pale. Fourth Master stepped on the night and looked at Fujin's originally kind face. Somehow, looking at her tonight, he felt cold in his heart. Fujin's kindness in the past, and the people who were discussing with great interest tonight to suppress Jiang Jia, which one was true and which one was false? "I would like to pay my respects to you. You are blessed." Already frightened the whole body cold Fu Jin, now is the hands and feet have two points messy, this time, she can only try to save. The bottom of my heart is constantly expecting that her Hong Hui can come to the rescue. Although I will not attack her for this matter, but all her previous reputation for kindness, will be completely back. At this time, Fu Jin wanted to slap himself twice, she was too proud tonight, suddenly was carried away by the victory, only to get such a big handle, I do not know how much I heard. At the same time, Nala also looked at Mammy Fu on one side, indicating that she would look for an opportunity to find the elder brother later. I didn't expect that the person beside my pillow would have several faces. A word said, Fu Jin breathed a stagnation, a face of panic looking at the fourth Master, and finally can only call a sentence, "I forgive you.". My concubine's meaning is. She wanted to say something, 316ti stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, but the fourth Master interrupted her. Find someone to go to Jiang Jia's yard to see if the potted plants have been drugged. The woman in the backyard had her own careful thoughts, the fourth Master knew, but at the moment, too many people were staring at him, and Jiang Jia, who was full of military flags, was really not suitable to show up, so he did not go out of his way to spoil him. Now this is the besd slowed down a little. Finally, he bowed his head and asked, "Ye, Ye, what do I mean? I can't.." This eone to Jiang Jingshu's dream small building to send things, send medicine. She also sent someone to her yard alone to check whether there was any problem with the potted plants, and when Fujin sent someone, Su Peisheng was also there. Yueqin,x60 line pipe, the maid of Fujin, saw the big red man in front of the master, and Grandfather Su happened to be in Mengxin Xiaozhu. lksteelpipe.com

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