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Quick-wear Villain Transformation Plan

2022-10-25 21:29   Services   San Pedro   360 views

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"Can she pass the performance appraisal?" The system tried again to recall the world before, the face is more vicissitudes of life, "seems not to work." "What if you add me to the world?" "Doesn't she have one last world?" Yi Sheng began to induce Chunchun, "If the world does well, maybe it can barely pass the passing line of performance." The system is tangled. Should it believe in the humanoid weapon that obliterates the son of the collapsed world? "You don't have a choice." System "Good.." You take her away. The system turned its back and looked like an old mother in tears. Cha Jiu silently listened to the conversation between the two, and then went to the side of the system, "actually." Didn't I pluck your hair when we first met. "Then once you let me rest and I did it for you." Cha Jiu did not know where to pull out a colorful "bird's nest", "I tried my best." The system twitched the corners of his mouth, covered his heart and told himself not to get angry. "Do you want me to lay an egg inside?" "You can give your future cub." Cha Jiu added. System "You go quickly!" After the system went from dejection to anger, Cha Jiu felt at ease. She knew she was dragging it down, so, no matter what, the world, she had to be as perfect and as good as possible. And to be able to see the benefactor. "Go." "Good." The rule gave birth to a dark eye in the corner of the space, and after Yisheng took away the tea, it blinked and disappeared a little bit. Yi Sheng did not tell Cha Jiu his identity. Originally obliterated the son of the collapsed world, she had already walked on the edge of the rules and was highly monitored by the rules. It's not easy to be such a senior executor. She doesn't know how many worlds she has destroyed. At least this face is the price of being killed by the son of the world in a collapsed world. She could not tell Cha Jiu directly, otherwise the consequence would be the obliteration of the rules. The system may think that she is going to guide Cha Jiu to carry out the task,Beverage packing machine, but she is going to sneak into Cha Jiu's task world to meet her. She waited for her too long. Drop- The eighth world has opened. —————————————————————— Yan Zihuan, as the most famous talented piano player nowadays, has a large number of fans who pursue crazily, including Zhou Ran. Yan Zihuan's fire is swift and fast. Originated from a tour abroad, Yan Zihuan, as a special guest, played "Hungarian Dance No.5" with pianist Li Chaoshi, and then was filmed by netizens and uploaded to the Internet, which has since become a hit. Because Yan Zihuan's temperament is classical and elegant, coupled with her beautiful face and slender posture, juice filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, it is particularly noticeable in the concert. In this way, Yan Zihuan's reputation became bigger and bigger with the intention of netizens. But Yan Zihuan herself did not think so, because she was busy coming out of thed Zhou Ran's little entertainment time again and added the time to practice the piano. Zhou Ran accepted in silence and obeyed all the arrangements of his mother. Mother wants her to be a good girl. Only when Yan Zihuan and his mother played with four hands, Zhou Ran was really moved by the piano. Before her mother's tour, Zhou Ran stayed in the city for half a month to feel the aded the screen, and the latest sentences are,water bottle packaging machine, "I suddenly had a bold idea!" "Famous Pianist X Pianist Student!" "This team of CP I stand first for respect!" Long fingers rubbed against each other at the top of the screen, as if they didn't know how to reply. Rhythmic little high-heeled footsteps gradually approached. Zhou Ran raised his head and bumped into a pair of dark eyes. Hello, is this Zhou Ran? I am Yan Zihuan. The teacher asked me to take charge of your piano teaching in the future. Please give me some advice. gzxilinear.com

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